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I understand they get hot I got a lot I got hairy legs that turned that it that that that that that certain about blonde in the sun and the kid you sick about the region the bowl and rub my leg down so is straight and then watch the hair come back up again they look at so I learned about roaches I learned about kids jumping on my lap and I love kids jumping on my lap no my god and this is a little known fact about the use of the term roaches it was a racial epithet often used a hundred years ago to describe the black children roaches so it is it is buying this much out of touch with reality that he has his legs in polls in these kids come up and robbers leg I mean this is the guy you want to service your present can you imagine the laughing stock we truly would be in this country with that guy but he can't win come all I hear is gone Cory Booker gone people to judge thirty seven years old I'm electable according to Democrats in the south it can't win thank you know you cannot win the presidency one can only imagine what would occur if Elizabeth Warren impossible can't win Bernie Sanders can't win the Democrats are panicking and they got to come up with something I got to get him out of office so the Republicans have a course the policies I think of by vice president pants would be wonderful but he can fill up arenas all over the Midwest this is some historical and present and figure in this week's gonna be unbelievable and Washington with what's going on and of course Schumer's firing the first shot saying who he wants on the list unless there's an agreement between in this case the Senate Majority Leader McConnell and Chuck Schumer unless there's agreement for the two of them then Senna rose gently apply which are rather light in this regard Chief Justice John Roberts would preside and it was not an agreement and then the rules of the Senate indicate that witnesses and objections are rolled on by a majority of the Senate and so if for example this afternoon or this evening the Democrats want judge John Bolton Mick Mulvaney or Rudy guiliani or someone else to testify on behalf of the defendant a the Democrats then it would be up to the Chief Justice to rule on relevance of the Chief Justice road yes they're relevant privileges not apply which they most certainly do then the this Senate Republicans could buy votes say by majority vote whether witnesses acceptable or not of course the Republicans would like to have Adam Schiff or Joe Biden hunter Biden around Xander yeah Chiluba who's the DNC consultant amount in the Ukrainian embassy to get dirt on trump in the Ukraine so this thing could go completely out of control which might not be a bad idea but on the other hand Chuck Schumer knows it is not in the interest of the Democrats to stretch this thing out and have more and more the American people know the corruption going on in the Ukraine and Russia because whatever happens it's not going to be to the benefit of the Democrats on the other hand has a criminal defense attorney who spent eight years in the AG's office in the state of Ohio I know that when you're ahead the worst thing to do is keep going so many times in a trial you think you've won the trial and then you keep calling witnesses and when you keep calling witnesses you have no idea what's going to happen down the road so assuming at this point the president is winning which the president despite the fox news poll today that said fifty percent of the country want to remove from office I don't believe that I since you're winning the best thing to do is to wrap it up in two or three weeks so like what Lindsey Graham is saying which is there could be motions made there could be depositions taken and then there's no live witnesses then there's arguments given and then there's a vote taken that's all it is when you're winning the last thing to do is to call more witnesses I sense the president is winning and a fifty percent of the country one truck removed from office of that fifty percent at least five to six percent in states that don't matter the states the five or six states that matter which are Iowa Wisconsin Minnesota Michigan Ohio Pennsylvania Florida North Carolina and Texas those are the states that matter I like to see the voting in those states whether or not the president should be removed from office by new Yorkers in Californians instead of at the ballot box about ten and a half months from now the great majority of us feel let us vote on this thing don't decide for us who's going to be our next president we will do that ourselves let's continue thousands on hold millions are listening and align becomes available one eight six six six four seven seven three three seven let's go to Tony in Oregon the home of the talks in the beavers and Tom in Oregon welcome to the bill Cunningham show Tom how are you the mighty pleasure Sir ducks in the beavers yeah well a beaver homeless you my daughter will be good I'm I'm kind of captive with port on here I'm not in a swing state while jeopardy per se I'm in southern Oregon but I'm I'm just a little concerned not a little a lot with not putting it to any top of the trials follow up in the Senate to me terms put up with so much abuse yep you know you say when money can while when at halftime to me it's better to win the whole game and gets a little the other witnesses that they were just allow it and make it totally accountable because once the grandkids saying he doesn't want this to ever happen again well if you don't have this so the task it will have billion people need to be prosecuted Tom looking this way in the last election there were about a hundred thousand dollars purchase on Facebook of so called Russian bots and what's it was a hundred thousand now Oregon is not a state that's contested at all but I live in Ohio Ohio is the epicenter I was here at no point did I see a Russian but I speak to a Russian at no point did I put Russian dressing on my sound no the words the Russians had nothing to do in Ohio and if the Russians are in a metal way it with the election it would've been right in my home state of Ohio it did not happen I tell you didn't metal in this election James Comey metal in this election struck I met metal in in may you had four five eight of the leadership of the CIA the FBI the part they did meddle in the election so I worry about that kind of meddling in which criminal referrals have been made and I'm waiting for Durham to do something and if the Russians did anything I'm on aware of it were you aware of any meddling in the election your knowledge if it did happen it was a hundred thousand dollars in ads compared to two billion dollar spent it was nothing but you have to keep that light allied to give an excuse for Hillary's failure well there's no to me rational reason otherwise not I do not call me was down in a circular one is selling his book promoting it and he said while he was still director needed to be removed yeah I mean I'm not you what have you different thing is I think about that how can you divorce that from his capability to be neutral and delivering what he did as director of the FISA you can't in other words when he signed his name is in a fine to nap today beginning a search warrant through the FISA court he said under oath that everything in here is true it was not true either was gross negligence up to deliberate and that's what horror which found without the extra abilities of Durham to get more information obviously the guy committed numerous felonies or like harmony said it said verified on the top of each course nettles now what is verify me means Tampa verifying information was under way I hereby swear to these three judges in their robes everything in here is true for life personal first hand knowledge it is accurate and I swear under oath isn't that perjury isn't that obstruction of justice I would think they are in placentals I I don't understand why there's no mileage for correction given to this from the Republicans still greater extent when I hear Graham saying he wants to just cut it short well court all the time in the American people I mean assuming Durham down the road indicts all these characters rather it's hunter binder Joe binder show Lupo or rather stroking pager call me brennender clapper as soon as that happens then that's going to come out there but if we're left hanging if there's not indictments issued because the good Ole boy network sure work we're not gonna take it we're gonna take care of our own and also there's not a full blown trial in the Senate we're gonna be left hanging with speculation instead of reality so you don't think much will be garnered in the center process you know you know I think Durham Durham has many more powers at his disposal than the Senate because Durham can indict large numbers of individuals who are part of a conspiracy to metal Mar election at the FBI the CI a elsewhere that he that he has got the power to indict the Senate trial is a civil proceeding the only the worst punishment you get there is expulsion from office the presidency and that's not going to happen anyway I mean yeah it says so what I say is when you're ahead quit if you're well if you're winning all quit and let him do what Duren is going to do because right now trump's ahead in every state that matters with all due respect to Oregon and Washington and California this is that it doesn't matter what matters are those seven states in in those seven states trump's going to win going away and I always worry about Fulton somebody coming up and John Bolton is going to write a book at a two million dollar advance he's been side ways for quite awhile with Mick Mulvaney and some others he might say something that just really hurts the president and ways that that that I don't know what it is when you're winning Tom I say quit let's continue with more blood becomes available eight six six six four seven seven three three seven coming up later calls from Alabama Ohio North Carolina Nevada Pennsylvania in every state in between let us decide who the leadership is not the leads from New York and from California bill Cunningham forty five minutes after the hour live with you every Sunday night radio one thousand Katie okay.

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