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My fellow Westwood One podcast her and he claims Vincent man knew what Jerko was doing and said Awa signing coat. It wasn't a surprise to the chairman. I think that's very respectful. I can can't say anything other than that from Jericho. He was committed to Vince. And a w for many many years they made an awful lot of money together. They got even more famous together. So why wouldn't you communicate? If you have what you perceive is a better offer. It's not it's not the civil war. It's business. That's all. So good show. If you have checked out vested open, David Greco and his all star cast co-host. You should. Siriusxm channel ninety three. Good stuff. Good stuff, France too. And they get a settlement their tenth anniversary on the Saturday. Russell menu week not to be part of that. So now. Always looking to angle to get a free beer. I'm told that plans are moving forward for a e w double or nothing live event on may twenty fifth. That's gonna be at the GM Grand Garden arena on Saturday may twenty five as I said the on sale date for tickets will reportedly be announced very soon. I don't know for some reason people that guy have inside info on a e w I don't I read a lot of stuff on them online. Just like you guys do and I got a contract with another company right now. So I'm not actively involved in that it's a moment. I am told that the merchandise and pro rushing where they also JR merchandise selling crazy really brisk brisk sales from the people at ram Barca's Florida's t's dot com. So we'll.

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