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Said the twins spirits distillery this key little female owned distillery in northeast sort of not too far from our friend police house it is it said he knows i guess they're turning on your all as you could go hang distributors red sugars ribs in the backyard that only the are the smell yeah exactly and but there's some vital spins gone on they've she's got a tackle food truck and a whole bunch offensive but the big party tonight is going to be a thicket norseman distillery they are turning out who years old that place is gorgeous everybody in there's art yeah you know what i mean like county is just i mean she's you you know i there's just beautiful people beautiful art there's just a great vied onto their celebrated their birthday tonight's tears old with a 1970s hawaiian party oh i mean i'm thinking don howe i think in some host andressen is you know that whole thing this is very eyes don't you think i if we wouldn't have gotten our act together maybe we could have plans say d'andre for drugs oh jerry i realized why should i keep going back to the exit the brady bunch with he's going back to the tiki haunted the cursed tiki episode of the brady by spdr yes spdr too yeah it was terrifying but hopefully the party tonight will not be terrifying hopefully they're going to be doing a whole bunch of lives and guess bartenders are going to be doing some fun drinks they've got of dachary barn and they've got bonfire so what what could go wrong they have great outdoor space to be here they do it is just a very cool thing tomorrow there at the at the food building amy how're who is the author of the new breadbaskets book she is going to do a seminar called he's going to lead a panel of people for the farmer miller baker maker have signed are you gonna go are you excited cited so it's we have like farmers luke peterson from peterson firearms jeff casper who is the guy who makes the dumpling and strand noodles goes fresh noodles so good at those other gluten free ones are beautiful yes fuck we they are so good and then as deport and of course and so they're having this great discussion about a range of topics on the.

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