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Extra sports 1300 weather from first alert five extra clouds tonight thirty seven tomorrow mostly sunny breezy off and on low fifty six right now 58 in this brings i'm chuck swire with traffic and weather on exports 1300 allsports all the time the following is an exclusive sports presentation of extra sports 1300 next i'd like to introduce southern colorado it's time for your live and local sports talk show good terrible i think he to dudes are going to become rail khomeini's suicide is man i hate those guys biro your hosts ryan kaufman and chris brayden with doug godfather of colorado springs sports radio we ills going on it is the best one of the best days of the year i must say uh daylight today of course i mean pitchers in catchers reporting nah anything to do with anything else reporting what uh reporting to spring training so do they do anything on that day they work out do they get fru cups yes a juice boxes i dunno we'll hear from bub black later in hill tell you what he gave them nice it's valdeir he did say oh it gave him some little heart candies i knew i forgot something the heavy valentine's day can i do a psa real quick wind for all of our listeners out there yes okay listeners put your phone down listen to me carefully you may know about this but i'm going to save you about ten book if you take your significant other and that could be a spouse a dog whatever and you go to cuba and you kiss it in front of the register buy one get one free baby i took my wife village for like while woah wait kind eyes so you have valentine yeah kiss your valentine but some people that have a valentine and i saw this lady she was about my she's like i don't have a valentine and i go i'll be your.

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