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You wouldn't have walls up like you were just being. So mean. Such a bitch. And then she's like, I guess I should hug my cousin. And so she hugs Pam, and it's like all matter. Well, she did like apologized to Pama bunch. It was all just so like she turned on a dime. Also, Pam here's like, no regret from her before that moment, if I were Pam I would not have forgiven her so quickly to likely not. I would have been like, okay. I mean, it's good that you're changing. But hey, thank you. But I'm going to have to see prove that you've chain. Also, like, I don't really want to be in your life right now. 'cause like you've been so terrible. Yeah. So here her pranks. She breaks up with her boyfriend yet prank one break-up she breaks up with her boyfriend like in a very mean way, very mean tank. So she's like we're done. She's like, we we should talk. And he's like oh, Yay. And she's like, I don't want to be with you. And he's like what she's like get out on my car, and she likes it. She's like get out of my car like she unlocks the door and opens your him across. Ross across the seat. And she's like this is simply delicious like her inner monologue is is so obnoxious. She's like, I can't believe oh my God. That was even better than I thought it was gonna be it soon juicy so funny so funny, and so he's like ditched out on the road. And she's like she's like cackling number complete tries to work. And then I'd says I have a bunch of open positions for the holiday season. She's like, no problem. I will hire all of my friends, and she's like I things up. Mitch. He's a straight up yuppie Cutie. He's so hot. He's really good at football tennis. Oh, Hank is the fulfill buyer and she thinks he's a Neanderthal. That's right. She also kind of likes it. She does she likes. Also like when he's like loses his temper, and she will like showed him into Yahoos as upper weird. She's got some. Like issues for sure. Yeah. So she next prank is trying to rank to is she so she calls Mitch. And she is like hey match my dad's Tunin to need anywhere over the holiday season. He's a cool. Golly. Yeah. And she's making good now. I can get you from Melissa. And he's like, oh can my girlfriend whistle job too. And she's like fuck. And the most comes on the phone and she's like, oh, hi. So she was like fine come to work dress dress to impress. She's like wear your hottest outfit where you're most expensive fans. Wear glitzy, and she's like. I'm gonna make her work in the stockroom. She's going to be so embarrassed. Yep. Which is so main at so mean, and then she's like prank three she is driving down the road. And she sees a chubby boy named for Bob who she says in her inner monologue. She's always liked. Yeah. Like, I always liked rob. Even though like he has asked me out a bunch, and I have made it perfectly clear that I am not about to date him because he is chubby. Yeah. I'm going to pull over and ask if he wants a job, and I'm gonna tell him to wear a suit because he'll be working in PR. But really he's going to be our mull Santa. Yep. So then the way that the prank comes out is that everybody shows up and it's like in the insulted. Yeah. And all it is she is set. Everybody up to be embarrassed and insulted, and like listened like starts crying..

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