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And three the forever stamp features hives smiling on one knee with one foot raised to show the taps on the bottom of his shoe. Toshiba has unveiled a remote controlled robot. That'll go inside one of the damaged reactors at Japan's sue NAMI hit Fukushima nuclear plant. The robot has tongs to grip chunks of highly radioactive melted fuel. It's designed to slide down thirty six foot long pipe and touch melted. Fuel inside the unit two's, reactor primary containment vessel. The reactor was built by Sheba and GE the three reactors at the Fukushima plant suffered core meltdowns after a massive twenty eleven earthquake Amsterdam NAMI, damaged key cooling systems. So Sheba's energy systems unit says experiments with the new probe are key to determining the right equipment and the right technologies that they'll need to remove the fuel debris. That'll be the most challenging part of the decommissioning process and is expected to take decades make it three straight for the AFC AP's. Cal Cassandra reports. The NFC struggles continue with the Pro Bowl. It was a wet and wild two thousand nineteen. NFL Pro Bowl where team AFC defeated team NFC twenty six to seven at Camping World stadium in Orlando fans were treated to performances by Patrick Mahomes. Andrew luck. Russell Wilson Dak Prescott Ezekiel Elliott and saquon Barkley name few despite the score. It was all fun and games both locker rooms after the game. Now the football world heads to Atlanta for Super Bowl. Fifty three. Kyle Cassandra Orlando. Radio news. I'm Rita fell.

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