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Patrick Collins twelve years as an assistant federal prosecutor here in town helped put George Ryan and the club fed. He'll join us at six thirty eight. We'll ask him if he's surprised or shocked by the charges against Hedberg. He's been there. He's got the card punch. We'll talk to Patrick Collins who is now in private practice here in town in just a few minutes about six thirty eight Dan joins us. He's very patient calling from Richmond. There's some sort of body shop up there some hot rod company was at a couple of weeks ago. Dan, welcome to the program. Hey, thanks for taking my call. How are you? Well, thank you. Good. Hey. Just hear me out per minute. And I'll be brief. But what qualifications do all these politicians? They have. I mean, most of them are lawyers, but other than that, do you have any common theme of make what makes them qualified to look out for the people saying that since the beginning of Representative Republic, you know, we had farmers who are citizen patriots and would go to DC and do their civic duty. And then go home. Yeah. You're right. There's a lot of lawyers Gary McCarthy, of course, has been in law enforcement entire life Vallis has run major school systems board. I mean, there's a couple of guys Ryan here. A few people. Few people that are running that are smart enough for this job. There's a lot of pontificators. There's a lot of posers out there who just like to see their name out there who could not do the job. Even if elected, but we've seen that from time to time America deserves the Representative government that they elect. All right. Well, this being said though. Maybe posers, but out of those good politicians that you would qualify as good politicians. How many how many of those good politicians? Do you think make the decisions for the people and make good decisions where the people I it's kind of a loaded question. And I'll get to my real answer. I don't know if there's an answer to that. Well, here's my here's my comment that why not make it like jury duty or a lottery system where you just pick names out of out of the hat like myself. You don't know me from Adam. And I'm not qualified for the job. But you know, what out of ten different questions or ten different problems that come about my way, I might get three out of ten rice. Dan, there's a there's an old anecdote, it's a proper attribution was William F. Buckley, who said at one point that he would rather be rather be led by report. He'd rather lacked or have our point as congress the first five hundred and thirty five names in the Boston phonebook than the crowd. We had there. Then I'm I'm kind of angling the anti. Cto? But you get what I'm saying. I call him a loss works for CNN. She's the entertainment reporter over there. And I saw her earlier today, and claw you took part in something called the Byrd box challenged based on the movie with Sandra Bullock, is it safe for you. Is it safe for the kids khloe? No, first of all, thanks for having me. The movie is territory. Watch it because we couldn't stop hearing about it. I mean, Netflix released a press release, and they rarely ever get numbers. Like over fifty million. People watched it, and it's I you days, which is unprecedented original film, and Sandra Bullock is incredible. And she plays a mother of children, and I'm not gonna take. It's pretty disturbing. Some sort of thriller, obviously, and they wear this blindfold. And now people are because people are people in Darwin still rules. They're putting on blindfolds and are getting themselves hurt. And I noticed on your report on CNN, and this is calling Kohima Las talking to us. I believe from New York this morning this afternoon. My understanding is that parents are using their kids and stunting on social media and putting the kids endanger with the bird box challenge, which essentially means you walk around with a blindfold on right? So it's a valuable challenge right now. The challenge like you said in that have come out and released a statement saying don't do this. It's dangerous. Basically people are went fold. Or? Being themselves doing everyday tasks. Going to the grocery store around moving vehicles in working through the woods. And some people have good something with them..

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