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That does sound crazy, but like you played it straight says Jokey F, but she's not a not a joe is. The theme is like if you made I, think if you made a cold and then we're like a cold sore. Sir, that has a lizard familiar, and then I also become a Druid, so I can get a lizard that I right on, so I can have like three lizard stacked on top of each other like. The kind of Yeah I guess. The mechanics are built around the theme of having a joke about them. I don't know if I really joke characters much as I do thematic characters. Like I'll have an idea and I will build off of that, but I don't think I've ever taken it so far is the three lizards. Hollis has a joke. She has a chicken. That's hilarious. But she's always jokey. There but I picked up because I thought chicken was hilarious. Chickens the smartest member of our Party no Hollis's smartest. Named her sugar as kind of a joke, because it's the southern money. Yeah, yeah, well, it's that and she's white like sugar. Like she's a fluffy chicken like cotton candy. Lasers of this joke, but they're not. Really I mean she doesn't. She doesn't seem like a joke. It's just I thought it was funny and amusing and so I. Put that into my car. I, guess! Kinda, the does occur to me. I cannot remember who made this comment so I apologize, but someone are separated made a comment narmer for showed up which was. Expecting a new PC in the narmer steps out and rick is literally cat fishing us can. Remember what it was good. Shut up! Is. The Real, is she the class feature and it's really narmer. That's the PC. BY THE GM so no! On the other hand, you are the mount so. NPC's are played by the GM PC's history by not the GM. That's the rule the rule. Designating to saying anyways, I won't keep you any longer hope. Everyone stays safe during these trying times much love. So I will stay. That we have received a lot of wonderful emails over the past couple of weeks, and we of course have not been able to respond to those, so we're doing our best try to respond to as many emails as possible. Your emails have been read, and we will try to get them on air at some point, but that little hiatus put us a little bit behind on staying up to date with all of our emails. So feel free to continue writing emails and we will continue to answer them, and of course. If you're enjoying tire scraps feel free to write in those to. Our best to try to keep catching up in the next few after parties keep bonds struggling. So yet. That brings us to the. Casting for the gods, usually, this would be Rachel Stern. Thirteen, oh, man. Looking forward to this one, and actually I think I already know I'm going to ask so. We're going to be casting. And I apologize because once again I am horrible at pronunciation and so Louis please don't get on and yell at me or Louis Get on and yell at him because it would be funny. We, we're going to be casting castle tall also known as Mother Jaguar. Cuss, atoll also known as mother. Jaguar, or lady Jaguar is an old deity, revered for thousands of years on the continent of Arcadia ages ago she was worshipped by the Resin Lonnie Empire as a goddess of might in protection in war after the catastrophe of earth fall, however, her edge softened those who struggled to put the world back together called upon her to protect their neighbors, and came together under her guidance to build strong bonds of community and support today capital is worshiped throughout Arcadia as Aditi of community, liberty and safety. Her churches support the downtrodden and reinforce better ways to work alongside one another for compassionate goals. Clarisa Castle tell us for her strength so that they can help those around them and protect them from danger and breaching their communities with civic. And keeping a sharp eye out for internal dangers that had actors among their flock, were precept castle tall, rely on the deadly edge of their machetes to fight against corruption and oppressive forces in the world above all atolls clergy preaches the strength of love, both for other people, and for the cultures they form, which gives followers their strength to fight without compromise or weakness to protect those that they hold dear. Capitals largely known in the Inner City region of the last few years, however clears have ventured into Evanston and response to contact from Alexiy colonists near the Arcadian city of SUGATA. Causal Teachings of liberty and safety rapidly attracted to number former slaves after the recent abolitionist, success and APPS slum enter emphasis on community brought many of these disparate people together into a political bloc during the crucial time other churches of Kassala, founding Karoon particularly in Singapore and other cities were merchants traded with Arcadia. I. Know Who I have you can see. Also. That's alive Jaguar. Ask, yes socal I will. Cool! That Lewis I remember an interview that really sold me on this book with a Louis Loza from Pyeho and no direction. Fame mentioned that one of her. I think it's a domain ability. It's something that a higher little caster of hers can do is when they hit high level. It might be twentieth that you get throwing. Jack Wires as a ranged weapon. Yes, you can just someone Jaguars and throw them at people as a summon monster thing, but they just leap grab onto people and then disappeared I'm like I'm done. Anything just throw big cats at people. Good need to figure out how to play a cleric of this. Anyway all right I mean. I know who I'm GONNA cast but I don't know if. I. Bet She's going to say what. I say. I am too I. Always have to, but I hope what. I was set on what and then I changed my mind at the last minute because I think she's better. And I was sad that she didn't get cast for something else. That was amazing Gina Torres got. Oh. That's mine, too. That's a really good one case tour is. Is Mother Jack I? Mean come on. If you look at that Amazonian Goddess is just amazing as she can be motherly Nice. Like come on, she was she was zoe in firefly and just a new. Year Gina Torres. Is that Gina Torres? Doors all right fine I. Don't have to go because Rachel. It is the same. Through mine out there It's mostly because I've always loved this actress and she plays a very. She plays a very good big strong lady, but also can be very tinder and a number of roles I've seen her in, and that's Michelle Rodriguez. Michelle. It's always like she could be you down, but there is a tenderness tour. There's kind of a fun feisty site to our that I think works very well for goddess of Jack Wires very cool all right I did think of Michelle Rodriguez, but I decided on this person I. Some sticking with it Lupita neon go. Goodwin okay first off. She is fierce. She's Super Nice. She is half Kenyan half Mexican, which is super cool. Yeah Didn't we? into. I think so things. She got it, but we. She'd definitely is awesome yeah. Can Be also very fierce, yes. All right however Probably going to put your her last name but I'm GonNa go with Danae Garage area..

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