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It's a little trickier <hes> ah to find now he shaking your head no no. It's like it's like it's so hard to be a vegetarian vegan in china. I'm sure it's like different and unlike western. Oh interesting yeah it's just like i think it's so much apart art culture that it's really in my in my mind there like there's so many good vegetable dishes when at when i go to chinese food restaurants or something it's like yeah <hes> rice and then mixed vegetables for sure. Actually i mean that is one hundred percent sure but i have this feeling it could be one hundred percent rise. I'm just speaking for myself but it's like like <hes> i could very much here my relatives. What do you mean you're not eating meat so i sure what social pressures yeah but also to feel like a lot of times. It'll be like oh. You don't realize this dish has like like shrimp paste in it. You know what i mean you know or and all those places that have the different like delicious steamed vegetables or like a good salad at an italian restaurant for me. I i want something. That like fills me up. Yeah and a burrito is like phil. Listen to me right. You don't wanna salad and some broccoli raw. That is the most frustrating oh strating thing when a places like we have vegan options and they're all like light salaries. Don't say that you have vegan options so okay so fucking lit right there the specifically del taco have have you eaten a del taco much before this is my very first time first time and do you sung. I know you've had del taco but but it was only the context of doboy. Yes m. i. Adults for the first time together because of the show <hes> guys you guys are both pretty much pretty much dell neophytes. I'm a i'm adele dell freak so close to love del close earning look down. Thank you both del taco marathon weekend the white house i i was at just for laughs. <hes> besser was there and i was like how is the i d. c. M. l. a. and he goes oh so you didn't go back pedal. It also hard at spun out so fast. We didn't go either. We were we went to. I think we were like around here somewhere else somewhere else. I tried to say that but the gap of time where he called me out when i said that it's a lie right needed butts in seats trying to buy a condo over okay so so you guys are you having a lot of del taco soko. I've had a ton of it mitch. I know as a fan even though he prefers taco bell which is a totally fine opinion so the talk to the put you on a higher level of del l. taco person than i i say i like it more than you do. I think that's fine you. We like it different amount you eat it. A crazy amount you eat it a lot. I eat a la eighty too much. I've actually tamped down the amount of del taco that i have but because i was going to frequently they opened one by my place by where we live within walking distance of our apartment government where a setting up a tube but that said one right to your fucking there was a point where i went twelve times in eight days and i was like gosh yeah multi mic i hear the beyond beyond menu items they have right now the beyond avocado taco this one is the only one that's actually vegan. This is just the beyond me which is crumbled up like like taco meat and avocado lettuce and tomatoes and a crunchy shell the the beyond taco which i think was the first thing that they have and there was kind of their flagship product which is the same thing except they also they. There's no avocado and there's hand graded cheddar cheese instead the beyond eight layer burrito which is their standard layer brita. I won't read all eight layers but include squawk and and sour cream and all that goodness and and they subsitute out they have a beef version of this they set out the beafore ground beyond meat and the same thing of the epic beyond kelly burrito which is basically the beyond eight layer burrito said they cram some fries in there air and it's bigger so i got all four items..

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