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And plus you're working fulltime and you having to in your practice sessions and eight victory over your life. And so once that was over, yes, it was disappointing to be kicked off, but actually you had no longer had that pressure anymore. You can relax and enjoy baking because I think when you're doing something all the time constantly can get bored of it. And I remember after filming bake off in two thousand six, I just took a break from aching, didn't didn't wanna see a Cape, didn't wanna see bread. I was sick of it, but it took me a while to kind of get back into that routine because you know, I'm sure every person that goes on the show bakes because something that they enjoy doing. But I think going through something I the, I'm sure put people off for life. When you start baking again, did you have a little lake? PTSD likes. No, not hold knows. I think it was just a relief that this was not going to be judged just going to be something I can make. And I know that people are going to enjoy it because they're not looking for the most minute detail that they're going to pick up on. They just it was just kind of great to be back in own environment, baking not having to worry about the pressures of Marian pool or pre win pool now. So. Oh, yeah. So is Paul Hollywood. He depicted the way he is terrifying. Is it like when the cameras are off gives you a cuddle. Do you want the truth. Okay. Just gonna come out and say, I'm not the biggest fan of Hollywood. Not not because I think he's a horrible person by think. I think when you go into show, I've been a fan of the show since the beginning, I kind of had this idea of what he would be like, and this is going to sound really harsh, I guess slightly disappointed. Yeah, I think I've said too much. Kasese such a villain on the show, but in the most British way. Yeah. I mean, I, I think everything he says is constructive. I don't think he says anything to liberally to be mean. Anything I used to try and take on take on board his criticism and use it for my next Baker, whatever. So I don't think that he does it liberty to be mean. But as soon as the cameras are rolling, I think he's an introvert really kind of puts on this holiday for the camera. But really, I think he's he's pretty low key. I think that's what I think I was expecting him to be more like animated when the cameras were not rolling too. I think that was, I think it was a bit hostile because the fan of his, but. I would say. They mean. It's have you have you had to cover something up that they were like, oh, well, you know, none of you could make that things will start over and have you make another thing during filming, huge cover-ups conspiracies? Well, weirdly the camera manages to capture everything. So I think even if you did try, someone will pick up on it and then they will come back to you and say, oh, what is it? What's that thing doing in the been there? And you have to explain on. On. Because there's always someone watching countless to produce a big and so they pick up on everything so this, there's nothing that you can hide, unfortunately. So what's happened since. So being on a show like that, of course, I up many doors of opportunity and one of the things that I'm really proud of his, I often get invited around the country to talk about a number of different things that can be put around him often is let's talk about how to make the perfect Victoria sponge, but other things I might get us to be part of the panel that's about race and gender, and I think traveling around the country and seeing different perspectives of meeting different people. That's been the best thing since leaving. Baker Baker fans of really wonderful. They really do love an opportunity to kind of, I mean, just like you. They want to know secrets as soon as they want to know exactly what the judge is. Like what the experience is like the addition prices like they want to know everything..

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