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Korea a handful of Spanish sailors who came ashore on the Oregon coast the legend is unclear about whether they were shipwrecked or simply anchored there whatever the case the sailors hiked up the nearby Nia Connie mountain and buried their gold somewhere on its peak in order to prevent the lowest hold native Americans possibly the Tillamook tribe from digging up their gold the Spaniards murdered an African slave they brought with them and buried him with the gold according to certain sources the sailors killed more than one person on top of that fateful mountain if the Washington sailors were indeed shipwrecked Spanish records indicate five possible vessels that could have buried treasure near Manzanilla Beach the sun the San Juan the San Antonio The San Francisco Javier and the San Jose we may never I know the truth as the goal remains to be found in a moment we'll catch a glimpse of the spirits that haunt the buried treasure you know what really scares me eh products that are full of things like aluminum parabens and talk. If you're like me you probably prefer to stay dry and smelling fresh all day if that's the case it's time to drop that regular drugstore anti per sprint and try a great natural deodorant called native native is made with ingredients found in nature like toil shea butter and Tapioca starch the offer it in a variety of sense such as eucalyptus and mint citrus and herbal musk cucumber and meant charcoal and even unscented the Eucalyptus Admit Yoder in worked great for me the scent wasn't overpowering and it kept me dry all day long even after my nightly Doug native offers free shipping and returns so you've got nothing to lose for twenty percent off your first purchase visit native Deodorant Dot Com and use promo code haunted during checkout that's native Deodorant Dot Com and Promo Code haunted during checkout for twenty percent off your first purchase.

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