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To the Saint Louis composting garden hotline once, again here's Mike Miller, on KOMO wax this past let's say I guess it was Wednesday What I. Have around my house I have about a three foot wide steel edged area of. Rock you. Know rainy rock Merrimack. River rock our river rock the tan stuff because I have the brick on our house is kind of brownish Tam. Saw that's what I chose but when I was walking around taking a look at. Things I saw for the first time this season hin bit so when I was coming up in the rock shows you, how tough it is so landscape fabric doesn't essay prevent other weeds from coming in in Germany and sitting the roots down through. The landscape fabric but Henbit is one of the. Annual cool season weeds that putting him. Pre emergent down this time, of year helps. Eliminate, them so start. Watching out for him bit dead nettle, they're, both varieties. Of lambs, common Schick we'd annual bluegrass prickly lettuce the. Persian speed, well rabbit's foot clover shepherds Purse so those. Are the main weeds that are germinating right now so getting pre merging down what does it do it creates a. Chemical barrier and then as a seat's pops open and starts growing the chemical barrier. Kills it so that's the advantage of it so I need to get some rain to put on my rock areas so, I don't have things coming up I was just shocked to see that hin bed anyway let's go down to Arnold south and. Indoor says yard high doors hi how are you. My very good enjoy your show just. A couple of quick questions, what is the. Best, thing to transplant, hydrangea You could probably do it anytime you want to but the ideal time would be some time in the fall when the. Ground, is warm so I? Don't know how big? It. Is, or anything else but you, gotta make sure that you water the night before and then go out and where the stems. Are. Coming up out, of the ground guate- bat six inches, all the way around and dig up. The root ball Gotcha Gotcha and also the best time to. Trim our have trees trimmed, depends upon the type? Of the tree Maples birches. And beech trees they can be pruned during the summertime, but the other ones like. The oaks and sweet gums and. Sycamore and things like that is better off for those to be done in the wintertime oh you after a. Freeze is what you're saying yeah well after the fully. Starts falling the fully starts this coloring or colouring depending upon how. Well, the fall colors? Going to be. Okay so you've. Got you've got multiple months for. Each one the other ones that can? Be Pruned in. The, summertime the Birch beech? In Maples you've got? Basically. From, June all the way up, until this time of year and with the other ones when the Foley starts turning colors and. You. Know dropping whether, it's turns color just drops Brown doesn't. Matter until the new growth begins Gotcha now on the maple so that we could. Enjoy. The full. Foliage to. It, would it be all. Right. To wait until after the leaves start dropping in order to have. Them, trimmed. Well maple. Should, be pruned in the summertime oh okay so Maples beech and Birch summertime is an. Ideal time to do the pruning on those trees, okay all right all right well thank you very much certainly now let's go. To from Arnold over to Chester Eleanor industry jarred hi Steve? Hi there a I got like four, acres? Of ground here. And I've seated it with three acres I've seen it with Kentucky thirty, one tall fescue and the. Other acre around the house I did with a Perth type fescue is there. Any way to get that line out of there like thirty one is a lighter, green right the darker, green basically. He should have just kind of blended together At that transition. Point, okay. Get a. Person, go back in there and recede over now absolutely would which one would you go. With the lighter one young well it depends upon, your own preference but a single variety of one is not ideal so having. A blend of something is actually really good so what I? Do is get some each and at, that? Transition point I. Would spread the seed of both of them together Okay Okay I'll try that. Then see how it. Works good. Luck Okay thank you, much yeah I mean you've got a pretty good sized. Lawn so, you. Must spend a, lot of. Time, mowing grass so thanks Dave and Alice go stay. In, Illinois. Go. Up to would river from Chester indicates jarred. Hi Keith Why are you doing. Very, good I got Georgia yards Back worse I got crabgrass growing adult side taking, muzzle over, most. Of you know right I guess that's what you, call grab, grass Coli grows in clumps right Now I'm going around trying to dig us all out and I knew I couldn't, get all the routes out but what? Should I do that way it is basically wait until next year and, crabgrass is a warm season we'd so when the yellow forsythias in bloom or get us soil thermometer and when you're soil temperature and your yard is between fifty and fifty five put the pre emergent down Okay How how about? Line how should you learn one server so many? Years, no you should. Not basically if you have a soil tests done and you find out your soil is extremely acidic putting lime. Down, yes but for the most, part lawn trees, plants everything like a slightly acidic. Soil so putting down could be having a tremendously adverse impact on your plan. Material so the university of Missouri did. Studies they say plant material does best when the soil ph is between six and six. Point, five seven is not anything above. Seven that's Is not ideal for your, plan materials certain ones like lilacs commanders. They wanna more alkaline soil but for the most part plant material does not like? You know let's say a Limy soil so routinely? Putting, lime down is. Not to the advance your plant material at all unless you get a soil test done and the soil tests. Says. Like somebody called a couple, of weeks ago, and said there saw tests indicated. There soil ph was four point five I said how could it be that. Low that just seems impossible but if. It is something like that low then you should be putting lime down but other than. That, you should not routinely put lime. Down One of the things that It is In putting down for. My yard Okay yeah that's fine I mean it's a very low analysis type fertilizer Okay well thank you for your info certainly yeah I mean the whole lime thing where people thought routinely putting lime. Down. Was going to be t the vantage of. Plant material is? Not. Right, so let's. Go to, Chris infant and Chris how are you Today very good okay three questions if I'm repotting do I. Need potty mix potting soil potting? Mix a mix. Okay. Next, question I have a area. That's. About. Nineteen years, old capped it off at about three feet and it has shot up four new branches that are really lush in lots of. Leaves. No flowers what do I need to do. Leave it alone Oh okay it's on new, stems or branches implementary or anything it could take a. While before he is. Going, to. Be, able to have say. The energy to. Produce, flowers. Okay okay. And. My last. Question is when did they set the flowers it's, happening right, now okay so? Don't. Trim right exactly anything flowers in the springtime the flower sets. You know the buds start forming in late summer early fall and then are fully formed by the time let's say winter begins okay perfect. Well thank you very much I? Appreciate it yeah Mike Miller. K. ours garden hotline. Back, after. These, messages yes it's that..

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