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What teams do you have at the mind the moment we've got a a halston pool one of the best allstone teams in europe at the moment that we've just part ways to the rocket league team currently in the process of picking up some new teams but don't wanna give too much way but yeah we quite small of the moment because we're kinda rebuild in a little bit re in what we do so we've cut back a bit to to build up again it's up since started out playing in each that rise at six yeah most succeed was was my game play on xbox bought quinn there was competitive seen on spokes which there isn't any more on that kinda bill team around a new cycle exits on uk and that anyway i part ways from them on made my own team which was cold coke nate east both time and then outside go better i started playing bathroom that people on still we had a really good team on than some point decided i'd say i expand cognate and into bringing on the teams and it's really good overwatch team on the apiece e randall sixteen which went on may the pro league as well we just kind of expanded from that until the g bowl araj which was already established bruns on that i've been moving stints no i got involved too late then and start minding but what do you chilly feel teams as a as a tim barrel east say are certainly get good at so i'm not.

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