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And straight time or both these gritty seventies near Nawar crime stories that have this energy to them and they just kind of have an atmosphere that feels like the Safti. This kind of had this great seventies Scorsese as you think going they definitely appreciate the gems of like the seventies crime film. Yeah and how that was definitely an extension of the near Nuwara sub-genre and I think the friends of Eddie coyle and straight time. Our our big our big in that. They're just very influential films. But they're also like little nuggets. Then that a Lotta people see and it's a shame. I think that there is the Saffi's kind of you know. They have great taste and they really are pursue cinema. And so I think they definitely probably they saw these these films. Yeah definitely probably definitely probably saw these definitely probably I think you're probably definitely right but Yes got straight time in the friends of Eddie coyle. Because they're both greats kind of off the wall. A little bit more edgy independent quite independent but lower budgeted crime films traumatic era awesome. Well I only got one more puzzle piece so for my last one There's a certain kind of movie Fan who who is going to go into. This has no idea what the SAFDIE brothers are. Good time or any of these movies especially the ones you're bringing up. You know that you know and and maybe just see. Oh It's an Adam Sandler movie and a you know they they get you know. Have that level of expertise whatever and are going to go into it and maybe describe it to their friends as like an Adam Sandler crank movie thought they just just the very silly balls to the wall nonstop just crazy ass movie just nonstop unstop adrenaline from beginning to end. Of course the the one thing that a lot of people take away from this movie is just how anxiety ridden it is and you know you really really do feel a little bit sick. By the time it's over you know and I I certainly felt that one hundred percent. My stomach hurt for hours after this movie. It's true Bruce Series anxiety by the end of this thing you know and while as crank is does not give you those kinds of feelings it certainly. It certainly has that kind of level of of nonstop craziness that you would think is the way that someone might describe that if they haven't seen these these kinds of other movies you know what I mean right. Well this is the one where his heart's GonNa explode unless he fights people something along those lines. I mean there's a crank to there as a crane to yeah I crank was so successful. Yes it is tells you what the what the marketplace knee but yeah no no we. Of course I didn't they. Journalism is a huge part of their their thing. Yes they they've really made. That like their pallet is is the intensity of their films and actually have a couple more puzzle pieces that kind of go along with Azure. Because I have a couple I have a lot more puzzle pieces all condense them. They wanted US focus on energy right now to go off cranked. Go off energy of crank. Yes that's a good launching pad so the first one is the work of gas. Pardon me I'm going to say irreversible and enter the void sure now. Irreversible is one of the most challenging stress. Inducing MM films I've ever seen in my life I actually thought of reversible when I was first making my pieces listening did not include I just forgot to include it. It was on my mind. Yeah Yeah for sure. Yeah I think the energy and the intensity and nausea that the I mean. No he is that that's his thing he has really. I think he's a fearless director. I used to think I used to kind of like not like him too much. I think he was Kinda trying to once. Yeah let's Kinda has has this Lord's prayer element to him. which is I feel like the more you want Medicare the less I care and Lars chairs? It'll hit and miss for me but I think I've really they come to appreciate nowy. Allot I've really come around. I think that he is an artist. Yeah and he experiments and the not not all experiments work of course but he's a laboratory. Filmmaker tries things but I really have ended up appreciating all of his films. Irreversible has always stuck with me. I think it's a great film and by Great. I mean it succeeds where it wants to succeed right right. It's very hard to call it. Great in the traditional sense because so savage but it really is a powerful film. And I'd say enter the void only because I think safety's have this kind of modern neon oversaturated D- vibe uncut gems less so than good time time is so saturated and Lee neon colors and things plus a scores that they eighties. Yeah big new wage ELECTRONICA. John Carpenter even mentioned John Carpenter forgot that on the list but the music of John Carpenter. Yeah very influential kind of started with then it follows follows came out and had that score. Oh this is so carpenter by going but yeah I think enter. The void is very abstract. Act It's about a drug dealer that then becomes a ghost. I guess that's the easiest. Not The easiest movie to summarize Barry Way so yeah. There's there's definitely a no eve vibe to their the re the greatness the rawness the intensity and also this kind of like modern neon drenched overly Saturated Grainy High Grain Imagery Chore. So so. That's big into that. The other talk about in terms of intensity. This was technically my last puzzle piece but then I wanNA bump it up is breaking bad. Okay the reason why I'm going to bring being a breaking bad. It just super briefly is because the early the middle sections of that show like seasons three and four are a masterpiece of intense crime storytelling plot it's not the most sophisticated show in the world. Have my gripes about the end of breaking bad or the great show overall overall. I have my issues with it but those Middle Seasons are the most TOT television. I've ever seen I mean to sweat down the back of my ass intense. Everybody loves it so damn much. Yeah I mean like I said if you really look at it closely. I think it falls apart under intense. Scrutiny I mean it's no it's no sopranos it's not nearly the after the intelligence collect sopranos but it has very good where what it does. It does extremely well. It's basically plot. It's like a high octane. Quentin Tarantino movie for five years and it's fairly simplistic but those middle seasons are superb in terms of their craftsmanship and their execution and they are extremely intense ends. I think that that's I think the the reason why I wanNA bring a breaking bad. I don't know if the Saffi's watched it or personally influenced by it but I think it it gave us as a public an appetite for the Saffi's films and that's that's interesting. I think it conditioned us to need the adrenaline and cut to black. When Walt does something crazy you know it's two in the morning and you have to be up at work at seven? I'll do one more episode right. There was an appetite. I think breaking bad started and I think he's in there more art house indie movie way are filling combat void left by a show that was so competently done in terms of its intensity. That's really interesting. I like that a lot. Yeah because definitely it it. It captured everybody in a way. It's just like Oh my God what's going to so yeah. I like that a lot. Thank you now. I think you're out right now. So you're you're out. We're going to mention a few quick films and just talk super briefly about them. I think it'd be a tragedy if I didn't mention the work of John. Cavities okay okay. There's an excellent filmmaker and John Cavities. Who was also an actor? You do a lot of movies as an actor. Like Rosemary's baby. He's the husband guy to help. Finance his films. Film film in particular is the killing of a Chinese bookie. This is an excellent film. I- one of my all time favorite John Castle various films. It is essentially our crime. It is art house crime film. It was kind of the first kind John. Cavities was a pioneer in a lot of ways he invented American independent cinema. The film called shadows which then went and turned into into French new wave cinemas. John Goddard wouldn't be a genre guided without a John Cavities. No I look at the killing of a Chinese bookie grittiness the art crime element. I think that get more than influenced by him. Another film to mention a starring John cassavetes but not directed by him as movie called. Mikey and Nicky and this is again a character piece of an intense film. An art crime film directed by Elaine May the great underappreciated female director Elaine May. She's an absolute genius and then the last two movies I want to talk about. The super briefly is an Italian film. Called the moment of truth and this is a film on Italian film from nineteen sixty five about a bullfighter bullfighter and it basically has a documentary. Realism that I think that was deeply influenced this after he's approach. I think they mentioned this on that interview. View is listening to boom. So the moment of truth. It's on about a bullfighter it's A. It's a great movie it's Emmy I can again. It's an obscure film to a certain extent but it drips out of them out of them. There's a documentary realism. That I think has permeated all of their work and the final thing I'll say is kind of a weird thing. It's called the American friend a great movie by the vendors which is a adaptation of Ripley's game actually But it's to me. It's about the characters and their drive you've and their intentions and their idea their ideas propelling an unconventional plot Yeah these these movies. They're unconventional and a lot of ways. I think again getting kind of touching on what I mentioned about when you instill character with obsession. As they're driving force. You can add a lot of surprise and unpredictability and these guys. The what they're proven to me in three movies I've seen of theirs is that they walked balance of inevitability and yet totally surprising completely. Unexpected acted I mean and to say district eight have unexpected inevitability is a real trick and that's where like these guys are not flash in the PAN. They are very talented. They are methodical article. Even though they're films feel like haphazard and crazy and madness and that was one of the things about filmmaker like Renner Verner Foss Bender Great German director. He would make movies in eleven days. He he made over forty two films and died at thirty eight totally insane guy but he was a stylist and their vision. And these guys have that same energy in that same vision in that same drive so pretty floored by them. So those are all my puzzle pieces. I rushed through the we. We got a lot here. Let's do finish puzzle and we'll get to any closing thoughts Finished puzzle got a lot of movies. We've got punchdrunk. Love hard eight requiem for a dream. The wrestler Mother Raging Bull Casino. The King of comedy. The Wolf of Wall Street California split the player Boiler Room pickpocket. A man escaped large into into my saying that right wrong. Two Thousand One Space Odyssey Owning Mahoney love and death on Long Island rounders naked the SAFTEY zone uncut gems safety's own Good Time and heaven knows what.

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