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Five past the hour for the body vacation nbc sports radio derek harper a couple of weeks ago set a deadline of training camp to work out a new deal currently that deal is almost done and what it is john derek car will most likely signed the richest contract in nfl history at least the yearly value will be the boasted nfl history right now which eight drew lucky twenty four and a half million dollars the reports are that this deal will be for twenty five million dollars per season there are car's been really good he has either to find a franchise quarterback in round two of the way that oakland did a few years back chelsea guess what they were right he started day one dole forgetting that draft coming out at drafty started to remember 'cause they play the jets the first week and he had problems because look rex ryan is going to feast on a rookie quarterback making his nfl debut but he settled down significantly in the second half of the season last couple years dr cars were brilliant you've got a heck of a start to identify career first three years and for me when you think about the fact that he is gonna be compared to andrew lock because they are together going to be the highestpaid player in the nfl the question is ultimately a fraud what if you have to start a team tomorrow and i don't mean a fantasy teams alexei obviously you gotta start of quarterback right if you're gonna start a team triggered expansion team yet the draft a quarterback all you taking derek car who's going to be slightly higher paid or you take any andrew lock who up until now were when the steelers done was the highest paid see to me the simple answers all you take derek car look what he's done he's getting rewarded for those last couple of years he's been wait is interception totals are shrinking makes good decisions he's got a good.

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