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Patients right. Apraxia patients cannot imitate or use tools properly but then mistakes pathak executed. Yeah so the independence. The fact that matter is that they can be completely independent. If that's the that's the question than there's no question that you can have ablation of censoring mud representations but maintain your cognitive wants. Absolutely i know that behaviorally they can be independent. What i'm wondering about is within these neuro. Dynamical objects right where where the Where where does it start becoming useful to talk about Manafort's right To talk about lower dimensional Representations as useful tools for thinking about higher mental properties. Because in the end. I mean the vision is right that we can An and correct me please. Because i'm sure i'm wrong. The vision what. I what i gather from the paper. The vision is to have little Little shapes little trophy shape that we can put up on a shelf and point to and say That's worrying that tim he's gonna fall down the well that's what that looks like right On a cloudy day or something and then you have all these different shapes. And i'm sorry. This is a very simplified example. But i'm just trying to really concrete that then you can look and say look. That's the way that the that looks in manifold space. Yeah so I'll say that you know worrying. Tim gonna fall down. The wells gonna look a lot like worrying that Brenda going to fold on the well. So you have this surf swapping out for a representation content but they're gonna lie along these manifold sin. You'll just be in a different position along the same manifold but it's going to be dramatically different sort of neuro functional space from hoping that you know the it will rain tomorrow. Donald falls down the well. Let's see i for a different orthogonal. Never mind going for sure but the different attitude hoping is going to involve a different computations representations and so you'll have a different transformation..

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