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Financing and express delivery today only at Marlo furniture. Rob stallworth, WTO traffic. Thanks rob, let's check in with WTO P meteorologist Mike Jennifer. High wind warning down effect until midnight for today, showers and thunderstorms will taper off and end by early afternoon. Then we'll turn partly to mostly sunny and very windy, a high in the low to mid 80s, risk of a thunderstorm again late this afternoon. Let's make us over 60 miles an hour at times, clearing windy and colder tonight lows in the 30s to mid 40s. Mike's Jennifer WTO news. 64 right now and rest in 64 Bethesda woodbridge checks in at 63°, 8 31 on WTO P. This is WTO P news. Everything you need every time you listen. The WTO producer's desk is wired by IBW local 26. Where electrical contractors come to grow. Good morning, I'm Dan Ronan, thanks for joining us. Matt small is our producer, the top stories we're following for you today here in our region you should be prepared for what's going to be a very windy unsettled weather wise day today. WTO meteorologist Mike staniford has more. Looks like a widespread wind damage event will occur Saturday after the Saturday evening, the wind warning has been pushed southward. So most of Rachel now under a high wind warning for Saturday afternoon is Saturday evening. Watch out for wind gusts of 60 to possibly 70 miles an hour especially light Saturday afternoon into Saturday evening or especially concerned about the time frame in between about 3 o'clock in the afternoon and 9 o'clock in the evening for the highest winds and the best chance for any wind damage across the region. And as you just heard from Mike staniford, the wind warning is now in effect until midnight for much of the WTO listening area. Tomorrow will be breezy and cooler. Temperatures in the 50s more on the weather with traffic and weather always on the 8th here on WTO. 8 32. A monster storm is torn through the south and Midwest overnight spawning deadly tornadoes that shredded homes and shopping centers in Arkansas and collapsed to theater roof during a heavy metal concert in Belvedere. That's about 70 miles northwest of Chicago, one person died there 28 others were injured. At least one person was killed and more than two dozen were hurt some critically in the Little Rock area during Friday afternoon's violent weather. The town of win in northeastern Arkansas was also devastated and officials their report two dead among the homes destroyed and other people trapped in thee debris. Now to the latest on the indictment of

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