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O'clock, Sir Winston crosses the finish line first in the Belmont, Stakes Sir Winston with ten to one odds. Pretty good payout. If you bet on that force right now, we're at seventy degrees on Peachtree street. Atlanta's most accurate and dependable forecast coming up. Several flash flood warnings have been issued in the metro Atlanta area as rain continues to fall channel two action news. It's Michael side, and in Fayette county. One of the hardest hit spot the severe storm sent floodwaters rushing through the streets. And in some unfortunate cases, it poured into homes now. One homeowner told me that her neighbor is out of town on a cruise and will most likely come home, two severe flood damage. No doubt really a big mess. Out here in Petri cities tensely mill village neighborhood. It's also neighbors helping neighbors. Illinois. That's how flood-weary residents they are battling rising rivers. Clark emergency management agency, says residents aren't just protecting their riverside towns. Quincy pushed out over one hundred thousand sandbags in one day, those aren't just sandbags for their community. I mean, that is the kind of effort in the spirit. That's really a testament of the spirit of the state of Illinois. Maybe rivers are approaching levels that seen since the flood of ninety three Shawn Balint ABC news Alton Illinois. Breaking news. I I this is w SP twenty four hour continuing news and other big drug bust at hartsfield-jackson agencies eighty pounds of pot and thousands in cash. The Ken Baker tells channel two action news agents had been tracking the three Atlanta suspects for several months. Some of the marijuana will be purchased legally dispensaries through diversion tactics in California. And then some of it will be purchased in the traditional black market than air one ahead value of half a million dollars. More arrests are expected, a newborn baby girl rescued from a plastic bag in some woods and coming. Now, the search is on to find the woman who gave birth to her and possibly left her to die. If.

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