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Based on witness descriptions, a sketch of the unmanned law sane with the Beaumont. Children was drawn up. Witnesses could remember certain physical Phages, but not other distinguishing characteristics such as the color of ZOA. So the shape of his nose Omay off this led to a Vache sketch with the oddest left to fill in the gaps using his creative into a protection. This rough sketch was widely circulated, and although it didn't late to a positive day. It did prompt another witness into coming forward. The witness provided dish no details about the man's appearance. Describing him as being in his thirties or early forties with a slim build and fair to law Brown hair potted on the left hand side. The sketch was subsequently updated. But the main portrayed never came forward to clear himself making him the late suspect in the Beaumont children's disappearance. According to witnesses, the Beaumont children appeared completely days in the company of the unmanned and did not same at all distressed based on this information. Police suspected Estrada was not the first time I had met and to the main my frequented Glendale, Gary all have already been known to the children in some other capacity. On by Mont had recently told her mother that Jane had a boyfriend down at the beach a comment that Nancy had brushed off innocently at the tone. But now had her questioning whether the unknown men could have been Jane's off at that. Go crush. The witness who saw the man hope Jane get dressed further added to this theory needs by on described Jane as shy modest go who is very particular about her body. It would be uncharacteristic of her to emit a title stranger to touch her in such an intimate way. Investigators developed the theory that the unknown man was a pedophile who may have been grooming by Manchu dron during their unsupervised visits. Took Leno building. A report with the siblings of tone, spotting them unsupervised on a strike the day. My presented him with a clear up at unity to target them a wolf in shapes closing it. Same to lock no coincidence that when Jane and her siblings, would you too tight the bus home money had mysteriously disappeared. The police considering the Lockley scenario that the man himself had pocketed the child's money oppose feigning, concern and maintaining the deception but questioning park visitors about the supposed theft. The one pm to note that children used in the bakery was perhaps one last act by the perpetrator to secure his pri- generous offer to the Dan and kids to spend lavishly on their launch. Having earned the trust. The man my have been off at the tight, Jane, Ana and grand hun. This theory would have the children willingly laving Calley reserve with their doctor without drawing any attention to themselves or sensing any danger. Fifteen bone on the possibility that he's children had been abducted Saint closeable. He told the media quite. Someone must be holding the children against their will other was they would have come home by now. Jim speculated that an abduction have been observing the children for some time watching as they play deny parents presence at the bay of the summa upon noticing. I had no adult supervision on a strategy die. The abductor may have seen it as the perfect cuppa Choon ity destroyed they might have approached Jane, honor and grant and laud to the children into their vehicle perhaps by offering to guy I suppose visit to say that father fabricating story about their parents being involved in an accident. The fee that her children were being held captive led Nancy Beaumont to tell a journalist for the herald news Baiba, quote, a think is a mother. I'd rather kill the children were so and get it. I've at quickly than have them at the mercy of some bad person for so long. Running with the theory that Beaumont children had been abducted by pedophile. The Sunday my own use pag printed a story that plied on every parent's worst north, MS. With a headline declaring sex crime. Now feed the article went one step further starting police suspected the three Beaumont children had been slang and voiced concerns that the bone Ataka could struck again. Parallels were Joan with the unsolved murders of fifteen year olds Marianne Schmidt and Christine Sharrock at Sydney's one debate the previous e suggesting the same perpetrator could be responsible for both cases. The one debate in Beaumont cases, shed noticeable similarities as both involved children going missing from a credit Bates during the January school holidays. But unlock the one debate case way Marianne and Chris thanks buddies fan. Within diabetics appearance me with our law saying alive..

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