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Brutus well compete did a series of contests for the best does show the blue ribbon. How about that? That was Betty white announcing that by. Car was Popeye. He'd have that stat Kansas spinach. By the way, the spin it whole spinach thing Popeye with his day kind of kind of weird accent? Yeah. The the forearms resembling. Mark the voice guys forearms you. Spinach to great effect sort of sort of an anti kryptonite gave him his strength, perhaps his distinctive speaking style. But why do you ask why did Popeye eat so much spinach? What was the reason for his obsession? Well, the first batch was given to them for free in the early liked it. And so they made them pay a little more for the second batch. And before you knew it. He was hooked that. Was it never looked back. That's right. Spinach gateway vegetable truth begins more than fifty years earlier back in eighteen seventy Aaron von wolf. Wolf Eric actually on wolf Eric von wolf, German chemist examine the amount of iron within spinach. You see? Among many other green vegetables as you mentioned the gateway to the other green vegetables in recording his findings von wolf accidentally misplaced a decimal point when transcript. On wall came in here. I want to see a in it. If you miss. Misplaced places decimal. Well, gee, boss shock. Not really familiar with Dewi sorry, recording his findings von wolf accidentally misplaced the decimal point when transcribing data from his notebook changing the iron content in spinach by an order of magnitude while they are actually only three point five milligrams of iron in a one hundred gram serving of spinach. The accepted fact became thirty five milligrams. To put this in perspective. They say if the calculation were correct with each with one hundred gram serving would be like eating a small piece of paper clip. I don't know. I don't know. But that's what they say. I'd rather have the spinach I think now I'd rather read the paper clip versus versus Brussels sprouts. I'd rather eat the paper clip and just me. Now, what if they had kale's choice? Paper clip wants it's incorrect number was printed. Spinach is nutritional value became legendary. So when Popeye was created studio executives recommended he eats spinach for his strength due to its vaunted health properties. So Popeye then apparently helped American consumption of spinach by a third.

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