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Do i probably are and i'm going to jump in here i'll give i this is the all out of all the names sleepers values though he said savar this is the one i am the least comfortable with okay oh that's that's weird does so in two thousand fifteen you might want to say as and i will will get their own he's gotta is gonna build the drama in two thousand fifteen this wide receiver put up a stand line of sixty four over thousand yards in ten touchdowns was the wide receiver sixteen in that time period last year before losing the second half of the season to concussion in hamstring problems he was on pace for seventy one receptions over a thousand yards and five touchdowns granted the touchdowns did come down one talking about allen hearns jacksonville jaguars and i think that people are are seen what happened in the second half of last year because he didn't play of course and they're just jan old old touchdowns disappeared so we need to completely bail on alan hurts in my opinion if you are still fully buying into alan robinson you are at least in part buying into blake bortles returning to his two thousand fifteen form and if you're buying in to him returning then why would you not want alan hearns at it he's gone who's going in the absolute back of drafts pretty much on draftsman guess he essentially undrafted and i've heard from many people marqui salih i love marquee sleet he came in he replaced down hearns he was in the team doesn't even want owners because they are markedly mark easily was worse for fantasy one alan hearns was off the field last year.

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