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Just some of the stories. We're GONNA talk about remembering Jay shortstop Tony Fernandez. Who passed away over the weekend at age? Fifty Seven PG STAR. Gets Boston in a prostitution ring? And swearing at the referee's is commonplace in the NHL. Shouldn't the referees of the right to give some back? Clo- Julia all still ahead on the WP. James How's the weekend? What while Stevie? The weekends better. Now with that Fiji story okay. I didn't have much going on Valentine's steep by the way I was only sent me sentiment hearts or anything I spent alone. But that's OK Steve. Everyone's Valentine's a mine however Steve. What's the story on the Pga Guy went. Who What where why? How going by the name of Tommy to gloves Ganey. And he's nicknamed remember him. Yeah because he wears two gloves when he goes great name right and he's always one fifteen million in career earnings and I guess. He kicked off his career with a one. The big break show back in two thousand and five on the golf channel and yeah he's a family man he's forty four and he was caught in a prostitution sting. Guess he's he's still gonNA GONNA continue his comeback. He basically was arrested a while back. Basically lost his tour card ended up on the Korn Ferry tour and recently had his first win on that tour down in the Bahamas and referred to the prostitution arrest in the midst of his victory speech and also conveniently enough. Talked a lot about how much you loved his wife in that speech. Oh yeah bad timing yeah. It's like a Blue Rodeo T. Steve it's bad timing. That's all well a couple of things. Steve I see here one of one of the headlines. Was Tom. Tommy Gainey shot to fame shot to fame. Steve Okay I like that. The other ones Steve as I read the story here he got busted in a sting one hundred apparently one hundred twenty men. I'm assuming God God bussing in this sting down in Florida. And he got he got caught. Steve negotiating a deal with an undercover cop for some prostitution stuff. Okay and it was an eighty nine dollars. Steve I I didn't know I guess I guess a prostitute whips out a menu right. It's like you know what I mean. Steve There's some good marketing here. You know I know. And I'm telling this for a friend Steve that usually it's you know it's an even hundred or or one hundred fifty or two hundred for other things. Eighty nine bucks. I I feel I feel like I'm getting a deal from the bay or something on sale this this weekend. I guess things get slow for them to write. I guess I guess. Times are tough offering eighty nine eighty nine fish. You know you're going to I. I don't know where that comes in. Steve what the menu is for eighty nine? But maybe it's a Bogo thing. I know what it is it would be. It would regularly be one hundred sixty dollars but because he wears two gloves. They said no problem. Okay Eighty Nine. Eighty nine bucks. Oh Boy oh boy steep got you bring your own gloves all right you you've gloved up. Stevie as they say so too must be pretty good. Steve Must Be Pretty Good. Steve Well while he's out there shooting to fame as the headline said he's he's got his double gloves anytime. He's got no jail time against ten grand in fines and he's got two hundred hours. Steve of community service where and take a human trafficking class so he's saying human trafficking class because he'd white because he's not very good at human trafficking and you. WanNa get better. Is that what they're talking about? Probably NOT I. I don't know John School. I think we used to call it for a long time right. Yeah this guy tried to pick up a hooker and he got busted by an undercover cop in the last little while multiple holes in one or two gloves it okay. Multiple Steve Okay. He's just hammering those things out one week after another. You know what he shot on Sunday. I want to say seventy or maybe it was sixty eight. I remember that. Snl wasn't a court soccer's right the old soaker. Oh is that what that's awesome? Yeah yeah remember. The guy says you know what is really good when when when you are soaking so cork and I'm going to your cork at the same time. I think that all started back in. I want to see a sixty eight seventy beautiful. Tommy thank you for that little memory. Okay let's transition a little bit here from the prostitution things. Get into some hockey talk. The sends taking on Dallas on Sunday. Night well that was a fun night of hockey at the C. T. C. that courtesy of tsn. Gordon Miller with the call sends when at four three in overtime on artem Anisimov goal..

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