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Menomonee falls we go Hey Kathy morning morning question about the plumbing question I'm not saying that I bought a condo been working in and every night and have a good day yeah when I watch the toilet there the water runs and they'll back off it's noon is that don it makes a like a low I'm colonel not a rattling but like a grown kind of sound and like the feeling of the wall running the Gulf War for more okay are you there right now now we can have your phone over next we want to listen net this seems like water hammer in summer hand water hammer on water has line energy is a slow as it shoots through a pipe and then the valve closes in your stop at that energy has to go somewhere and it it sounds like a chicken that pipe in the wall a little bit it is not secured very well so that initially you said as a new condo I'm new to me but not new building okay so new our condo well either that how old is that about twenty years older than okay then it it it probably actually is the flush valves in the toilet is acting up in its it's not closing even in uniformly and sometimes of clothes in and vibrate this is like that or sometimes close to quickly and it causes water hammer problem so the flush valve itself needs to be rebuilt or replace the toilet and I don't know no problem go away okay I can't think thanks Kathy all right so we're talking about the social media if you're not on Facebook no smart probably a good so anyway and I have no fear of missing out you know that's a formal so you're experiencing Joe mall which is the joy of missing out so anyway I'm going next week I'm going to my sister and I are going to Montana we are going to scatter my dad's ashes on the family ranch in Montana so we're using it as an occasion to see some cousins and and and ninety four year old aunt so anyway all of these cousins are on Facebook and they are so diametrically opposed politically I don't even know how they're speaking but we're having lunch with them on Monday so and most of them are from a slightly different persuasion then my political beliefs so I'm gonna be outnumbered and it's a we'll have to see because I haven't seen these cousins in forty years forty years and so we can keep the lunch conversation civil I that is my number one goal but otherwise you can bring the top yeah can't bring the politics topic of let me tell you this time you think Facebook is bad there's this thing have you heard of next door dot com it's worse take it it's local churning you know it right yeah you you stay away from a dungeon yeah for sure alright soo it's hyper local and and there's there's great things about nextdoor dot com and then and then there's terrible things about next or the cops they're on their phrase almost should be if you don't like people using Facebook waiting to meet your neighbors you know because it it's just you people just turn on each other I mean you know there's there's a great Twitter account called the best of next door it's worth people report people there somebody in the neighborhood talking about cold voting what was that so it's I think my daughter uses it because I think I could you wanted yeah I've got an old dresser I want to take you put it to the curb in and yeah a neighbor knows dharmic right in a compact yeah okay yeah I didn't know it was so aggressive well he can be because somebody will say we're doing a March for X. Y. Z. laws and we think their name and everybody can kind of jumps in on it I had to I had to leave it because what was happening was is is it in in arm where I live in fox point there were coyote sightings well they're treating it like it's these these these walls that king everybody urgent coyote alert I saw wanted you know then they may be intersections like stop stop doing that I could see that get out of control yeah luckily I I don't feel bad about missing that it's channel Twitter either alone or whatever and the stuff is on hand I have a website that you do and and I know how to use email well known a different discussion Danny knows and research tracking a mortgage architects and give us a buzz for one four seven nine nine one six one and what's going on with your house not your social media we can fix it going to take a break and be back in a bit this is the fix it show Tom face it W. T. M. J. all right everybody gather round here's a sporting the Green Bay legends cruise.

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