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Shook hands when they met talked one on one for about half hour, then attended a private dinner. Trump has been trying to convince him that his nation could thrive economically if he would end his nuclear weapons program your country has tremendous economic potential unbelievable unlimited. Greg leader. The summit is expected to continue tomorrow. It's taken crews in San Diego less than two hours to tear down seven of the eight prototypes. For a border wall. They used a large hydraulic jackhammer attached to an excavator to do it. A panel made of steel poles was dismantled. The Trump administration has elements of the prototypes have been melded into current border fence designs, and they have served their purpose. The eight prototypes cost up to a half million dollars each to build the Orange County DA has called for an end to a federal investigation into the misuse of jailhouse informants DA Todd Spitzer says he's asked the feds to put his new administration on probation instead of responding to requests for old cases and fix that going forward. Then spend a lot of time energy and resources proving what is already been concluded in a quarter law. He says the courts, no several murder cases were ruined. Because previous prosecutors improperly used snitch is the. LA county sheriff's department plans to update its wardrobe sheriff Alex via and waiver says the current uniform is hot and stiff this is ceremonial uniform is not really fit for for doing good police work out on the streets. He says the new uniforms will be made of cotton were thought that making wool uniforms is a great idea. I like to find who that person came up with that break one. But we're not doing that. He says the flexible and breathable uniforms will look about the same deputies buy their own uniforms with the help of a stipend at the end of each year. Andrew mollenbeck, KFI news. The mother of a man who died in democratic donor at bucks house in West Hollywood has filed a civil lawsuit claiming wrongful death sexual battery and hate violence. Djamil? Moore's mother Letitia Nixon has also named the LA county. DA attorney the LA county district attorney in the lawsuit. What is it gonna take? What is it gonna take for the executive lazy to prosecute him last month? A second black man was found dead in bucks apartment. We do. Not do something there. A third body Jamal Moore's journals found after his death in two thousand seventeen claimed. He got his first dose of math from buck. Buck denies any wrongdoing..

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