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Oh God, now he's giving a house tour. No. All right guys, do they have their headphones on or how's that going? No. Let's get them set. Yeah. Hello. Can you hear us? Yeah. Folks, we mentioned earlier that Emma is the best in the business. Well, she has just covered about a 25 minute stop down. And also talked through a bunch of tech because we have a new complication here. There's always a twist with van. And this twist comes in the form of one bug main was arrived as a surprise IRL guest at Mitch's Thomas. It's a nice place you have here. You'd be a shame if someone were to start slapping things. Oh boy. How about that? No, no, no, don't don't. All right, good thank you. He caught it. What about this? Why are you knocking over the true agent of chaos? It'd be a shame if someone slapped this. Cushions have been thrown around. This also nothing bug main has ever done. He doesn't really. Now slapping Mitch. Slap. Slap? Striking. The spoon man. My name is not bug mane anymore. It's mister slap. Oh boy, mister slap me mister slice. Because I love to slap. Wow. There's a lot of good slap. No, that was the thing. Part of his gimmick. Bug man, thank you for being here, wearing a visor, covering your face as you're causing chaos at the spoon shack. I just want to thank real for not slapping me. He's banned from doughboys for ten years. So, wow. What's really interesting is the slap. Let's talk about the slap. Which is 9 11, but for the next simulation theory. So on 9 11, the planes went in the towers, it woke everyone up in this world where we're standing and sitting here and I'm slapping and slapping. That's this world, okay? That's when we woke up to the slap was the actual instance that the reality flipped to online. Now online is actually reality and what we're in right here slap slap slap. I noticed that slap. Is now bug made didn't slap his little tequila bottle that he has brought in here. Interesting. Well now he's opening it. And what happened was it's 1246 on a Tuesday. So what happened was? Great. We also have another guest coming on. Not only was it a Macbeth, and then we watched a Macbeth happened, by the way. Yes, it's true. We watched 5 Macbeth happen right now. We're not supposed to say the name of it. The tragedy of Macbeth at Apple TV original. We then saw a Macbeth play out? In front of our eyes, a live McDonald's happened on stage. And it slapped everyone into the flip. Wow. Okay, so now what happens is online, which is our reality now online. That's our reality. In this world is now, this is a simulation. All events are simulated here and online, which is reality you get to choose what reality you're in because that is reality. Something Weinstein this way comes. Yes, yes. Exactly. So this is my wife, that was good. You didn't like that? I didn't like it. I was laughing. Look, reality used to be 80% this world in 20% online, chat rooms. Now, if you want to block someone in your life, you block them online. If you want to meet someone, you meet them on Tinder. That is reality. This is just a bus station of which all simulations happen. And then you real time pick reality you want to be in online. That's why, oh, the slab's good. The side effect. Trump won, dropped into it. All of that, you pick online, which is now reality. What reality Trump wanted to live in. Trump won Trump. Okay, all right, people are arguing. Similarly, there's two sides of that issue. Similarly to the old reality, they're islands where people don't know what happened or about other things. And sometimes it's a bad leader of a Facebook group keeping information out of the online island. Sometimes it's just an accident. You know, this is there's little online islands of like just like islands where they don't have phones. There's little online islands of people not knowing what else is happening and some people just keep those in. They keep everyone as their closed ecosystems. Exactly. Those are those little islands now. See, you understand the slap, sent us into the simulation in a simulation theory. Why slap flipped it? Why are you, I agree with you for the most. Oh, so this is the first time I've seen bug this year, by the way, just a heads up. Great. I have not seen bugs. Imagine even in our movies, they're like, imagine a world where there's a bunch of Spider-Man. That's our world. We lived in a world where there's a bunch of Spider-Man. Now, I'm like, well, that's how now everyone is even why everything is multiverse. It's the only way to even comprehend the picking of realities that we're doing online that choose our reality. That's how it is. This is just this big bus station of simulations that we then pick the slap finally flipped it to 51% of reality is online in 49% is in this terrible meet bus station of ours. Why did you have a question for you? So hold on a second. What are you going to ask? I was going to say that bug you weren't here for this discussion earlier, but your talk of the multiverse. We brought up this podcast. The Mitch comedic universe, where Mitch himself has kind of his own multiverse that is spawned. Exactly. And that's because online, some people know him as The Tomorrow War guy. Some people know him as his. Some people don't know one or the other. That's where Sean line, they're choosing their own reality in this meet world of this that is now a bus station, which is not reality. He's doing different things. Right now, bug man, which is a character that only exists online is more famous than maybe you guys are as people or the person that plays bug maintenance as a person because she went online. When I did the hit song, and by the way, since I've been on doughboys, I've become more famous than all of you as bug Maine and I have hit. And what happened was I was driving through the Navajo desert and coco peli, who's an ancient God, chose me to be inhabited. He inhabited me and I made a song for him that became a million platinum selling huge giant song. Vladimir Spotify. He chose me to arc himself from this bus station used to be reality. It used to be our simulation. He chose me to arc himself into the next reality. He knew that he was on t-shirts. It was getting uncool. He was on mom t-shirts and ants and airports. He was like, how am I going to be as cool as I used to be 2000 years ago? Oh my God, there's this guy. He's a conduit. He's an exact conduit. I'm going to arc myself into him and that he will then put me into the new reality. He's going to arc himself into the new reality. That's what he did. And now when people in this bus station world see him, now they take a picture of him for me for bug because skittle, that's me. And they upload him onto the arc. Every time now, they do that. He's being uploaded on the, even the ancient spirits know that it's now time to arc themselves into the next reality. The slap finally flipped it to 51%. Not to mention the Macbeth of it all. Not to mention all the craziness that happened. I hope I got the goron, God, comes into me from Zelda. You know what I'm talking about, the guy who rolls in a ball wise? You better stop talking to your adjustment bureaus about to get me. Oh boy. That's just gonna be zero. The guys in fedoras are looking for bugs. Bug, why didn't you why didn't you come on for the doughboys Christmas special? I sent you an email you didn't respond. That's because Ember heard don't listen to her..

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