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Of the pockets of businesses that then pass the expense along to you or directly out of your pockets if it's to businesses than its money indirectly out of your pockets about the obama administration with an here's the crazy thing that president obama did so much by executive fiat not through congress he didn't like the branches of government it doesn't believe in that is kind of a dictatorial authoritarian type is lefty after all he believes in the state lives in the government the supreme power of the individual leader el hefei you know he's assertive are l have so because he signed all of this stuff into affect ingest by the power of the pen it's easily reversed as we've discussed before and an awful lot of it has been in fact reversed when he came to office he signed executive order thirteen seven seven one to cut two regulations for every new one part of the goal was to overturn six hundred last minute rules imposed by former president barack obama at the end of his term at a cost of more than fifteen billion dollars in office trump put his team on notice to cut regulations on one department interior has led the way while congress moved first cut regulations with the congressional review act the administration's cuts are what is fueling the repeal of rules naomi route ahead of the office of regulatory affairs will address success in the wall street journal column on thursday morning and in fact i uh i have that one with me today as well now i went to the washington post's the doctor evil post to do a little bit of research on this and they have a uh they have a fake fact check operation there and they have nicole lewis playing the role of fact checker she's a an obama sycophantic a trump hater you know what she's an employee a of dr evils washington post and they're headline at the fake fact checker today as comparing the quote trump economy and quote to the.

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