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Done. Good job, All right, But you guys didn't know that now, did you? I didn't know. But just coincidentally, Steve, I'll be doing already. Lang Whole act this weekend and Uncle Timmy so San I'm down. Vega perfect talking for her to win tickets. He's been practicing. This is good. Audrey is in point Pleasant on New Jersey. One on 1.5. Hi, Audrey. Hi, Steve. How you doing? Okay. Thank you very much. Why do you gotta win this? You're in point Pleasant. You could walk to Uncle Vinnie. No, I know exactly where I am. You do. Okay. Excellent. As a matter of fact, when you get done right over there. Yeah, I want okay. You walked out cos okay. Walk together. They're Ugo. Exactly. Okay. I need the windows. So you need to win this and I got she needs to win this. Let's just giving this stuff we say for friends and relatives. What is your What is your easy question? What's your category, lawyer or injury? Oh, uh, She's gonna want that five. All right, One on 1.5. Is your category. All right? I want you to fill in this blank. Audrey. Who call host the midday show with Judy. Is it a deal? Spadea be Jeff Tyminski. See Bill Doyle or D Dennis Malloy. Question. Dennis..

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