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Relied on the AllState skyline studio here till five o'clock, we're talking about celebrity feuds if you'd like to join us, what are some of the more memorable ones. And most of them are just dumb. But we've got a few of them. I was surprised about the Tom Hanks, Henry Winkler feud. Suppressing. 'cause like reputations of two of the nicest guys on the on the planet. They didn't get along three one two nine eight one seven two hundred three one two nine eight one seven two hundred for talk and text for celebrity feuds how about this one. Now. I don't I'm not familiar with this because I never watched the first of the fresh prince of Bel-Air. So I'm not familiar with this. Will Smith and Janet Hubert. Had such a rocky relationship behind the scenes of the fresh prince of Bel-Air that she blamed him for her getting fired from the show. I've never watched. I've never watched the fresh prince. So I don't know who she is after she got you watch for did you watch fresh prince. Yeah, I think she was I think okay. After she got fired Smith allegedly made some comments insinuating that Hubert wanted the show to be centered around her and her would be and and and would be bitter towards him, regardless of his actions over fifteen years later Huber Hubert wasn't done feuding. She said she'd never have a reunion with quote an a hole like Will Smith. The fresh prince man, but we'll any him. Yeah. Will any of them? When pink and Christina Aguilera worked together on lady. Marmalade the record label treated like royalty and pink like trash so pink started a beef. And it got so bad that attacked her in a nightclub. I do remember that about fifteen years later after they became mom's. They quote, unquote, hugged it out. Who do I side with on that one paint by far? Yeah. I she's had the longevity. I love pink. I love pink. I think she's great. She was on Kimmel last night. No, you I got it on my DVR wondered just got a new record or some seconds. She does. Yeah. The musical performer. You know? But yeah, I know I always liked pink ways. Always. Adam LeVine was a total ass toward lady Gaga on Twitter. But lady Gaga getting into a few here. Levin district song applause by saying. Ugh. Recycling old art for a younger generation doesn't make you an artist. Okay. This is coming from Adam LeVine. Gaga replied to the criticism by tweeting. Uh-huh. Guys. The art police are here. The Oso mature Levin then chose to respond with the old internet standby while we're at it. We should call the grammar police. Because there was a grammar issue in her tweet. It's yeah. See now, here's one of the few times. I would side with lady Gaga. Yes. It's kind of like one of the biggest tools. Oh my God. There. Here's Tony on WGN. Hi, tony. Nick, what's up, man? I can't complain. And complain I got one you this brings of Yance ballot. Yup. Yup. Yup. Yup. Yup. Because Diana got all the attention men, and he got top billing on that one. Then because it started out they started out just as the Supremes. But then it was it was Diana Ross and the Supremes and the supreme the rest of the Supremes. We're not happy about that. They weren't. I mean, Mary Wilson she stay neutral in it. But she was more partial to four women is team failed that berry and Diana with trying to squeeze her out. Yeah. No. That makes sense. That totally makes sense. That's a good one. Tony. That's a classic one. Yeah. Definitely class. Hey, buddy. Have a good day, man. See Tony Len sons in one feuds, Roger waters, and David Gilmour, my team Gilmore? Oh, no, no, no. I'm team waters. Courtier I'm tame waters. But I love David Gilmour. Yeah. I love I love them. But we've talked about this before. Let's go this division bell sometime. I think I know it's all right. Heather Locklear, and Heather Thomas were feuding for years. Because I guess they were fighting for the for the same fan base and considering their first name for both Heather, I guess it was. Sinead O'Connor in the pope. It's not a few. I don't even think the pope was aware of what happened. You know? What I mean, he doesn't have poked it no who Sinead O'Connor was at that time. No way. Was that John Paul the second? Yeah. Yeah. He didn't know there's not a feud. I want one sided somebody told the pope, you know, this this bald woman on American television tower picture of you, and he probably went. Yeah. Whatever won't be the first time. We'll last this one just seems really weird to me. This was a text that's been sent to us at three one area code says, Bruce Vallance and Chuck Norris had a beef with each other. What? Bruce, Vallance and Chuck Norris. How would those two what how how would there be a feud between those two guys? How do they even cross pants? I don't even understand how Bruce Vallance and Chuck Norris would be in the same hemisphere. Let alone have a have a feud. That just seems we can we find anything on this. You know, I'm doing a little half ass internet research right now, it is tough to verify that. Okay. Well, if the three one two person in the area could've three one to tell us what this beef was because it just it just doesn't seem possible for Bruce Vallance and Chuck Norris. They have a beef. This is this is comedian Bruce Vallance, correct? Yeah. Comedy writer. Yeah. Bruce, Vallance what? Yeah. There's only one Bruce Vallance. It's that big fat guy with the beard who was on Hollywood squares, and he wrote jokes for the Oscars. He didn't you know, then he was he was in. If if I'm not mistaken, I think he shaved off the beard, and he was in hairspray. To do hairspray. But yeah, that was I don't I don't get it. We can find out any details about the beef between this is very very very very important. Breaking news that we need to cover here. Bruce, Vallance versus Chuck Norris. How about this one for most of their career in the Ramones, Joey and Johnny hated each other. They were never closed, but things were ruined completely when Johnny had an affair with Joey's girlfriend, Linda, they never mended fences. Even when Joey was on his deathbed Markey, Ramone urge Johnny to see him. But Johnny stone. Welcome saying, he's not my friend. That's really sad is depressing. All right. How about this one? Little our our beloved ironman got into a got into a little feud here it soon as Robert Downey junior met Hugh Grant on the set of restoration. He hated him. RJ RJ or. Ardi as as as as a key and peels a rubber Donis juniors. If key and Peele referred to him as RJ squared RJ squared wanted to kill him on sight for no reason, leaving grant quote, unquote, so hurt. After over twenty years RJ, squared offered to bury the hatchet. I wonder why you hate it. Why did he Hugh Grant? Now that movie sucked, by the way. Restoration and our DJ and Terrence Howard don't. Yeah. We got him or. Yeah. They also didn't like the director. Oh my God. Averill? Yeah. Him and fabric and super get along. Not now are J. But our is going to say say because you know, he's actually coming to town. Yeah. They're doing an interview of John Farrow is doing an interview with with RG square or squared. Yeah. Well, there was a period of time where Robert Downey junior was having some issues, man. Yeah. To two thousand eight was a big year for him. He's finally off the chief. He was Iran man and tropic thunder came out the same year. He got an Oscar nomination for tropic thunder. But personally, I think the first step in that in that. In that comeback was kiss kiss bang bang that I love that movie. Thinking speaking, Shane black. I love that movie. It's his best. It's the best script he's ever written. It's the it's in Cranston. Greats is such a great movie. Yeah. No. I just I thought that movie was I also love. I love Shane black. But I also love. He did the nice guys right with Ryan Gosling and cut. I love that movie. I'm gonna break your rotator cuff. I love that movie. I think movies fantastic fantastic. The only movie that he that. He did that. I even like I like iron man three threes. It's I rated than the second one. That's for sure I don't want. Here's the ones that. I don't like I don't like lethal weapon. And and I don't like last boy scout like the two that everybody. Boy, one of the stupidest movies don't like the last voice scout now lethal weapon. No, not only the weapon guy at all. That all daily the weapon. Yeah. I yeah. I can't even I can't even go there, man. Yeah. What is it? Just Mel Gibson or no I like Mel Gibson you like a minute. Well, he's he's actually he's he's very good in the first lethal weapon. Yeah. I thought the movie was derivative, and I thought I thought Richard Donner didn't direct the action at all. Well, I mean, and even Gary Busey is in like it. But I thought that like the fight scenes you see what was going on in the fight scenes. And didn't think the chases or anything of the action was particularly exciting. I mean, and what was supposed to be this fantastic chemistry, but hitting between him and Danny Glover. I think is non-existent I really like lethal weapon to everybody loves lethal weapon to like any of them getting no I don't like any of the lethal weapon. I would point towards lethal weapon two. But, but yeah, as far as Shane black goes, he's written some stuff that I really really loved. Yeah. But but the the the one that he's most known for is the one that very best remembered for it will be lethal weapon. And it's I don't I like three better than lethal weapon. But kiss kiss.

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