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You have fifty nine UFC one. Oh, six. You have C one forty eight. You're going with it. Talking to the mic talking to the mic. I did ask friend. All right. Go ahead. Wide. You'll see one forty it was Chilver Sanderson, but they didn't fight three times in another question since I got it, right. He's got another stolen stolen foot. Thank you for coming. Appreciate it. Then you can ask your wife. Yeah. No, no. Does does rocks fifty nine one zero six one forty eight? You're going to ask a friend. Who knows it. All right. I just this guy was trustworthy, right here. This guy's wearing your shirt back there. You choose them. Jeez. You look more trust. Shane from cedar go down tomorrow. Ortiz and Griffin. There it is. What do you say do you like it? Yes. Or no. Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin to your Forrest Griffin. He is correct. Well done. All right near Greg, give us the update. What do we got in the lead after two rotations steep Amyot chick? We've got Ben Paul Eddie with two points and Steven wonderboy tension, pulling up the rear wonderful here we go. Next category. Emma may gyms. You guys are Jim rats. You'll know this easy. All right. Wonderboy ready, which Jim home to the bad guy child piece. Sunan my guy, Chelsea son, and let's give it up for sale son fighting next week. Was founded by Randy tour, and Dan Henderson in nineteen ninety nine. Tors. Jim, you say it was it was founded on a tour down Henderson in nineteen ninety nine former home to the bad guy chill p. It's not the I'm thinking old school man like lines in final answer. No. He's just not a second round. Right. This is the same right? You can't ask. Yeah. I know man. It's all you. It's all you see. You want to steal it. You wanna see what you don't even throw one out. I have no idea. Oh my gosh. What do you got? What do you do? You want to steal it. I did too. I just couldn't. You want to talk to the mic talking to the mic. All right. I can't tell you. Ten nine eight. Seven six. Pressure to one poll Felder Steeler Steeler in Oregon..

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