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Myself in this guy stephen a c guy steve at and w and where these best it were writing a a what we think is a political parity kind of a thing you know which kind of has a point but a sort of doesn't is kind of it has a lovely ignorance about it but i thought to myself basically to at the exact same thing you know it's not that far from something i be doing now knowing you did that were was this hour is twenty two minutes head it began nor cast though that would be nineteen a ninety we did that and and a while i was only ninety three or ninety four years later then i went up to the fringe festival halifax my first time off the islet i and while i was doing a sketch show with with one of the guys from cathode in the in the fringe fast and we got up there and like yo had really worked out a place to stay in a couple of really idiots and day rick worse there happen to be in town and he just got a condo because he was going to work on six episodes of this summer show that was going to be on called a replacement show those can recall 22 minutes and so our like a record stay under under floor and he's a gad he's nobody furniture he just got in there so slept i request the floor do this they as it was that all about rick is that our doan this thing now to eight him i will say how it is like and it was parody thing on like okay i think that will never work if you think when you first saw the show i was a chippy in pop in st john's add everybody the whole place it hushed because the show was carbonell you know with you know to me great to media who everybody loved and and add mary the legend ended britain kathy jobs and rick you know young rick who was basically it'll be very young at that time service like michael wrecks on ntv and you know ebbers occasional rex murphy he's too young for that and they're so we look up on the screen there's this thing is the news desk which was unusual that you know his pre daily show and.

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