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So James Liverpool just have to win two more games to officially clinch the title, but it seems like the real question for them is not if the win, but where their games will be played. Yes, and then the next two games is in a way, which is the cost of Darby but is one where I think we're GONNA have to wait and see that we played and then Crystal Palace, which is meant to be at home flavorful Anfield again we will have you know we don't know where we played the all human. The police is that if Liverpool to play these Games and Liverpool then only Liverpool fans would come out and have a party to. To me, it's just like kind of underestimating the sensibleness of football fans, and is treating them. Cut It like children so this has been a very controversial topic in in the last few days, and this is like I think one of the loss things that the premier league really has to figure out before the restart well I must say you've got to feel for Liverpool fans you know after waiting so long to win a championship, and now they're going to be forced to I. Don't know, celebrate on zoom or with one host, drive-by parades or something. Yeah, I, do have a lot of sympathy. Livable funds celebrates entitles is obviously a huge being sports fan. And, of course they put a lot of thought an energy into thinking what they were going to do. And what the parade would be like in this would be a huge event full Liverpool fans, and for the whole city for them to win it those medals trophy, and they will be the champions. Winning type is about moving us. Trophies is about the kind of event in the community will that? Unfortunately that that will slightly be lost, so Liverpool winning the League is basically a formality through real interesting race. It seems like is for a Champions League qualifying position. So, what are you going to be looking for in that race? The main thing to look for is mentioned cities court case against Asia, which is being heard at the corporation for sports in Switzerland from June, the as to the tent. So this is not appealing against the two year Champions League ban which have given them for breaching financial fair play. If city succeed, then they can qualify the next season's Champions League if they fail then fifth place in the primarily will become a champions league spot. Assuming the city lose and the. The ban is upheld held well that that means that Manchester United currently in fifth place will be in the. Will be heading to fool the Champions League next year, but will shift United Tottenham and Arsenal pretty close behind them. I think that the behind closed doors. Thing will not help move than Sheffield united because they are teams who very dependent on their. Home, crowd and the amazing atmosphere, they generate the home games, especially chef with united even more wolves. I kinda quite on them. Tunnel would play terribly when this will happen, but then most of their best players were injured especially hurricane, who was out with a hamstring injury and human son who was out with a broken arm now both of those guys in our back and fit. Along Steven Burg wine, who is their big signing in the January transfer window? Himself picks up an injury I know that they're currently quite bumps in the league. And then you got mind games after turn around, but I think they can do it. They don't even has play that well, but they do have the experience players and I kind of Feel Jersey media. Media as well as this is the kind of strange situation that he would pretty quite relish turning his mind to so if I'm going to back anybody else into the knockout Manchester United Chelsea, it would be on him well. Lastly Jack the most polarizing issue in world football right now, pumping fake crowd noise into TV broadcasts like they're doing with wounds league games. Wake you champions. was still seven. Should they do the same for the Premier League? This morning I watched a an Australian rugby game where they had fan noise in, and it seems to add to the spectacle. There is no way to make these. Games look normal. Don't think it's like a legitimate criticism. Say You shouldn't do. It's INAUTHENTIC. The whole thing is where. You might as well try different approaches. You can come up with. which might help to make this? Tiny bit more familiar as Real. Jack thanks so much for coming on the show and you look forward to seeing how this all unfolds my pleasure. Follow Jack Pit Brooks Premier League coverage at the Athletic Dot Com. From wondering in the athletic, I'm under skelter. Stay safe and we'll see tomorrow..

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