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I I am proud of the fact that you were watching Twitter you pick this up. You put it all together. And you flat blasted it right out of the box. So that's what he calls them. And I gotta tell you. I'm gonna do my very best to make sure that this does get some national attention. Yeah. It absolutely needs to James. And thank you. Thank you for giving conservatives in the city of Phoenix, and in the valley here voice because you know, I mean, obviously, this this has been out there. But you see nobody's sniffing around it from any of the other traditional legacy media here. You know, they're they're chasing around everything other than this today. So, you know, absolutely. We need voices like yours, you're really leading the way here for a lot of us in getting some of this stuff out. And thank you for that. Because you know, my my my bull honky detector went off when I saw this. And I just couldn't let it go. And Sam stone would really really just gets in my cockles is the fact that he thought he could get away with it because it was an Arizona. That's right. I mean, look this guy is one of those flyover liberals he was flying from DC. I think to LA he's stopping off here to drop off a little hate of his own on the residents of Arizona. It is absolutely insulting. It is insulting on multiple levels. I mean, it tells you what a lot of these these flyover liberals really think of the people here that is Sam stone. He's chief of staff for constantly councilman, Sal, desist CEO. I'll tell you what we are in hopes central. We had this author, but we just discuss at sky harbor the whole Perry high school situation now more than ever not just our country. But even our city needs prayer. And that's what we're going to do at six fifty. Let's get our last traffic.

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