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Fourteen to twenty two degrees warmer than we were twenty four hours ago so that is the good news instead of the twenty s were in the mid forties but let's talk about these temperatures throughout the course of the day we'll walk you through our by our because typically this time of year we hit our high temperature around five six o'clock in the evening not the case today here we are at the noon hour forties to the north fifties already down to the south and then high temperatures stale climb into the low to mid fifties from columbus down towards the bedford area but i stopped this around three o'clock because this is about as warm as we'll get across the area so for those who needs the north you're only in the low to mid forties about forty eight the high temperature in indianapolis and then the cold front starts to push through and look at this by six o'clock everybody's out into the forties maybe even some thirties for some of you to the north by nine thirty tonight everybody is into the thirties and then by tomorrow morning when you wake up we're back into the mid twenty so a gets up into the forties and fifties this afternoon briefly and don't put that winter coat away though because saturday morning you need it it's a frosty start we'll talk about the rest of your weekend coming up here in just a few minutes all right tom thanks still ahead president trump continuing to push for stricter immigration policies his latest plan to stop immigrants from illegally crossing the border plus was a disastrous celebration on the golf course of player they're suffering nasty ankle injury after a hole in one but he's back out on the course in the hunt for the green jacket how his left may have turned that's coming up next elena and here's a look on the west side i sixty five just north of thirty eight th street south thirtieth street excuse me you can see everything is moving up to speed the roads are dry should make more easy morning commute don't forget you can listen to this hour good morning indiana on your way to work or school on the.

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