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You're listening to the takeout from CBS News Radio, and I'm Stephen Portnoy from CBS News Radio, the White House correspondent who sits right behind major Garrett in the briefing room as major Garrett is the author of the new book. Mr. Trump's wild ride. A fantastic book had takes you inside some of the crazier twists and turns of the last eighteen months and and the ones that were stand the test of time, you know, ones that are history, and if I could say something semen on behalf of both of us, I just want to thank our audience on CBS early podcast adopters and on more than forty radio stations around the country. You get the vibe of the show. The show does not pander to you, ideologically allows you and requires you to listen to people on the right on the left and the centre, and I just wanna thank you for picking up on what this show tries to do. And if you have a modicum of respect or appreciation for what this tro to show strives to be. It's all in the book what the show strives to be replicated in the book. And that's the best advertiser not give work. Well, I'll second all this points. One of the things we were talking about for the break that I learned that I didn't know now is that in may of twenty seventeen around the time that Robert Mueller was appointed as a special very day the very day Jeff Sessions, the attorney general who so aggravated the president by his decision, recuse himself from the rest of education actually submitted his resignation and wound up in a car in the west executive draw Choubey black SUV that all government officials ride around in Washington. You call the chapter ten days in may. I dare say it's the wildest turn and Mr. Trump's wild Rivage agree with that. It was certainly the ten days I remember most vividly and I felt most overwrought at the end of begin so much exhaustion, physical exhaustion, emotional trauma because I never seen it before. And part of that is. So Ryan sprees, the chief of staff is informed that a special counsel Robert Muller has been named Robert Muller who had been interviewed the day before by the president as a possible. New FBI director is name special counsel and Jeff Sessions submits his resignation. His real live written resignation to the president and then leaves the White House and writes, previous the cheapest finds out about it and starts looking for Jeff Sessions. Reinsch previous at this moment, hearing that the sitting attorney general has just quit at is roaming the grounds of the White House yet stop. Where is he? Where is he? Where is he? And he runs out to west exac, which is the small driveway. From which many people who enter the White House. Do. So it's ripe between the executive, whether the west wing and the old executive office building right across the west, any fines, Jeff Sessions inside his SUV and implores him to come back inside so they can have a conversation. And essentially as I relate in the book, the chief of staff talks Jeff Sessions off this resignation. Ledge, one of the many eye-popping revelations that will have readers of your new book really bewildered by that story has been told before in a book by Chris Whipple who writes about chiefs of staff, but more details in my book. I don't want to suggest that everything is a revelation. I don't want to oversell who I am or what I've done. I want credit those who have been there before, but I am one hundred percent confident in this rendering and that it was a significant moment in the history of the Trump president and example of fairness in full disclosure that readers will find in your new book. But you mentioned Ryan spree is one of the several officials who spoke to you on. The record in this book every others and household names at that you spoke at Tycom John Dowd, Jared, Kushner, Jared, Kushner, Mick Mulvaney, Mark short, Mitch, McConnell nights. Previous I mentioned John Kelly was Lou douse today bossy. Lots of people who respected me as a professional as someone who was curious and rigorous..

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