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That there cared about there's a there's so many applications for that in so many areas in life i mean that that's that's that to meet sounds like a plan that you could you could adopt for just about any any situation so with that maybe i'll segue a little bit and i know that you know this applies in the general sense and we've been talking a lot in that regard tell me a little bit about winnie okay winnie is our new dog oh she's about a year and a half old bowl boxer she's mostly boxer with some pit bull in our seas rescued all we are from the humane society she just great doll lover to death very headstrong but there was in areas and situation that i had where i observe something in her and then i had an advocate of the motion because she showed an emotion she loves playing with her she had some like rope toys with like balls on the energy throws them up in the air and chases them and does all this stuff was he threw it up in the air and it went by find the couch it was i wish i would have taken a picture she's up on the couch with their paul's looking down behind the cows knowing she can't get it zargar okay i'll have to get it so i pulled the couch out i still couldn't reach it so i went into the kitchen and picked up a broom to get the the toy out from behind the couch well she coward and went into her crate in when look at me when i held this broom she did the same thing when my wife picked up an umbrella the other day she has been beaten in the past by someone and so i had to navigate her emotion of feeling threatened and then i had a madman he my motion of being angry at whoever did that needed just get to the point where okay were never going to do that to her we need to make sure that she understands at his best she can so just loved her a little bit that's that's the way to navigate emotions i observed what was going on in her when i did that it was totally a surprise to us that's a way you can navigate emotions i i observe what was going on with her.

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