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Yeah, I think the Tom Snyder is a really good example of. The arrogance of a lot of media around these issues because I think there can be inflation where people think that because somebody's views or so wrong. And so evil, that means that we can beat them in a debate. When that person's been. Thinking about this stuff and preparing for their entire life, and maybe you as Tom, Snyder. Like the day before you interviewed. I mentioned one guest the it was like a blind man who opponent pornography censor I mean like this guy was not prepared to deal with David, Duke, and so I think a lesson there is that if you choose to give somebody like this a platform, you need to know what you're doing. You need to understand the gravity of that and you need to be prepared and I think there are some instances of of media. who were prepared for Duke and who treated him a lot differently than than Snyder did. And so I think he was a creation of the media, certainly in the seventies and I think it's a harder question. The debates that emerged in the late eighties and early nineties, Alec if we cover this guy, are we giving him oxygen, or is he just a really big threat and it would be responsible all. Of us to dig in and do a lot of reporting right fast. We have some audio from this and a bit of a sports tie in This is College Temple Junior, who is his son? Garrett? Temple plays in the NBA plays for the nets, but he was the first black player at Lsu in basketball, which did not happen. It's on one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, one that surprising for me to find out looking it up as guys the here. Junior. Talk about David Duke Experience Collis was seventeen years old when he moved into the athletes dormitory. He lived with more than one hundred young white men. There were tense times when I was around. These guys because they weren't feeling comfortable with me and I knew that the majority guys weren't necessarily incident being there. Some of them are social outlet candidly in terms of who communicated with the most. Were actually people cleaned up the dorm that I lay of then the janitors. And the people cooked. Temple, also spend time hanging out with other black undergrads at lsu student. Union. To get there, he had to walk past campus hotspot. Free speech was USA. Identifiable area where people just got up and expressed how they felt and people talked about. Some of everything all the social ills throughout this country. Students at free speech alley spouted off about the dress code at Lsu, which forbade women from wearing pants. They got fired up about President Nixon in the Vietnam War and they argued about civil rights. There was one student David Duke. Who was always shouting about the dangers of immigration? He'd be out there talking about why Jews and Didn't that. Be a part of our society as basically what it came down to. Stop and listen. Stopping listen. And tell him he was fully. That's a lot. Yeah. And I was really glad to be able to feature calls Temple Junior. WHO's a really incredible guy and somebody whose? Life Story and his story at Lsu kind of. Exposed just by juxtaposition. The absurdity of dukes claim that it was white. People are the ones who are really being discriminated against. When you look at them next to each other, you can see how absurd that is. All right now last thing I want to ask you why we got you at I'm going to be very difficult to do I understand, but I want you to give it the old college try. Can you try to describe our man? Harry Lee in one cents. I'll give you two very powerful chinese-american Sheriff who claimed he couldn't be racist because he was Chinese A. Right-wing about way leans in on the notion of the sheriff is the most powerful man anywhere that there is I never heard anybody talk about himself. Be Allowed order the way to here. He talked about it here. A guy who financed a Mardi gras float that had the design was his face and would go on the float. Every Mardi Gras and throw dolls himself to the adoring crowd, so somebody with no shortage of ego, but who, in these New Orleans suburbs where the? Dukes base was. Was a guy who kind of enforced. This idea of you know I'm. GonNa make this place, comfortable and safe for white people and he was a very important. Figure to understanding that environment I listen to podcasts typically on one and a half speed, and I gotta go back and listen to that episode because I need to hear that man talk. Like a you, you put all of those things together I. Need to hear that man. Yeah one of many fascinating figures and slow-burn season for. Right, so you guys are still working on the project. It's great so far right so I. Guess we're going to. How far into Dukes journey are you going to go with the last three episodes? So I'm going to go through the governor's race and ninety one and I think it's you know my preference with projects like the and with the first three seasons of slow-burn burn is to really inhabit that particular period of time and not really carry it forward. Into, what's happening now? Just because I think one of the. Kind of central precepts of of the show is that we don't know how stuff is. Get end up when we're living through what the consequences are going to be and I think you know I find more powerful just as a listener or reader F. you're trusting the audience to kind of draw the lines and make the connections themselves rather than me coming on at that and being like look at what's happening now you know like. Can you see it? Is a Jazz Levin Checkout. Slow Burn. This season is on David Duke in his political career. Please check that out I'm three episodes in. Check it out. Slate I am loving every bit of a man, and thank you so much for joining us really appreciate it. Thank you appreciate all right. No Problem Ladies and Gentlemen I joining us here on the right time. We do this thing a couple times a week Aman gay essay. And how does everything behind the scenes?.

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