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Of paper forms with Cronos. You can automate the entire on boarding process, creating a better experience for employees, and freeing you to focus on the human part of your job. HR payroll talent and time keeping in one unified system all with a proven inplementation approach and simplified transparent pricing. Learn more at criminals dot com. Com slash on boarding. Kronos, workforce innovation that works. If you have an accident probably somebody else's while. But if you do remember, Mark Motors BodyShop, that's M A R K. Mark Motors BodyShop, and they're gonna fix you up. Right. Make you happy. It's what they do. And what they've been doing now for nearly seventy years. Mark motors. They are CK. Mark Motors dot com. Mark Larson here for Mark Motors. They're the best. Nobody better free shuttle service for you. They work with the talent of artists to make your vehicle beautiful and make it look better than it did before the accident. So that gives you peace of mind and don't just take your insurance companies word for it. If they say, yeah, we got some guy out back for auto body repair. Now, they can't insist on that you have the legal right to choose where your car is repaired after an accident. So choose the best as we do if if something happens, just relax call Mark Motors. Their hotline to happiness six one nine four four zero zero four three six six one nine four four zero zero four three six Mark Motors by shop online anytime. Smart Motors and the R C K. Mark Motors dot com. AM seven sixteen KFI MD..

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