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Coronado Man has pleaded not guilty after the FBI arrested him for his suspected role in the U. S. Capitol riot and breach. The bureau says he was taken into custody Wednesday. Jennifer Kastner from our reporting partner, 10 News says photos up linked to Social media led to the arrest Geoffrey Alexander Smith, a K Alex Smith Hold a special agent that he deleted his instagram account after he began receiving threats related to his involvement in the capital Events of photo released Thursday by the FBI of a Coronado Man who agents believe was directly involved in the breach of the U. S. Capitol. One witness who knows Geoffrey Alexander Smith reportedly discovered a photo of him on social media posted to Instagram by the account at home grown terrorists. He's seen wearing a black jacket and trump hat with a red cell phone in his right hand, which is raised in the air. According to the FBI, Smith showed that witness of video he took of himself walking into the capital on January 6th. Northern California business or arrested earlier this month, is now accused of planning a domestic terrorist attack on California lawmakers. Investigators with the FBI says Ian Rogers plan to target a number of Democrats, including Governor Newsome. Five pipe bombs. Bomb making materials in nearly 50 guns were confiscated from Roger's home and business investigator. ST Rogers is also wanted. We also wanted to attack Twitter and Facebook for silencing former President Trump on social media. He's being held at the Napa County Jail in a $5 million bond, some positive news and the latest covered report from San Diego County. Public Health hospitalizations continued to decline even as 1489 new infections and 69 deaths were reported the total number of death Is now more than 2500. Dr Eric MacDonald says. While the newer strain of the Corona virus is spreading the response to it is the same. That variant is in the community. It's circulating to some extent very low at this point, but the measures that can be taken to control that variant are really the same. As what we've said all along. We just make sure we need to do it. With strict ID Here is the county says it's received more than 485,900 vaccines and more than 269,000 have been given The 1st 22 million Americans have been vaccinated for covert and so far so good. Even though there have been a few reactions to the vaccine doctors, it's scripts say the Corona virus vaccines pose virtually no allergic risk. Dr. Ron Simon, an allergist with scripts Health in San Diego, says only 4 to 10 people out of every million have a suspected allergic reaction to the Fizer and Moderna shots. Way below any normal allergy with no correlation to other allergies. My group me in particular, another allergist looked at all of the supposed allergic reactions that happened. It's scripts and all of these supposed alleged allergic reactions that occurred at UCSD vaccine superstation, and actually, we really couldn't find any that our allergic criteria were actually truly allergic reactions that scripts in San Diego every person way suspected allergic reaction to the first vaccine dose. Gone, receive their second shot with no issues. Jack Roman Cooking news trading Apt. Robin Hood is set to reopen Gamestop stock purchases, the company said. Starting today, they plan to quote allow limited buys of these securities, and we'll monitor and make adjustments as they see fit. They also trying to clarify what happened yesterday, saying quote it was a risk management decision and was not made on the direction of the market makers. We round two. This is it was hit with two lawsuits last night Now the New York K G is involved and is reviewing the company's decision to restrict trading of stocks at the A G. Said quote. We are aware of concerns raised regarding activity on the Robin Hood Act is includes trading related to the game stops stock. We are reviewing this matter. That's actually Strohmeyer reporting. The top Republican in the U. S House paid a visit to Donald Trump at his Mar a Lago Club in Florida Thursday. The meeting between California Congressman Kevin McCarthy and the former president was, according to a statement from McCarthy. Commitment towards 2022, helping elect Republicans to the House and Senate. The House GOP leader blamed Democrats for in his words, pushing an agenda that divides, Fox News reported. McCarthy got the invitation to meet with former President Trump as he was in Florida for fundraisers. He hopes working toward a Republican House majority in two years. We'll put him in line. B, the next House speaker. That's going all. Scott reporting. One of the biggest names in pop music is donating a special custom theme song on the San Diego Zoo Kids channel. Kenny Loggins has sold more than 25 million albums worldwide, and now kids and anyone around the Globe will be able to listen to his new song adventure. Song Day viewing at Rady Children's Hospital Attention Kids watching on TV, along with viewers from around the world of virtual adventure, the idea that kids are in the hospital and kinda stuck there and not able to get out. They wanted a song that would Uplifting like the first thing they hear in the morning when when they turn on the TV. So, Loggins wrote. The song with a couple of friends says he's been to the San Diego Zoo and got the inspiration from the experience, he said at being at one of the best Jews in the entire world. Log and says he's thrilled to partner with San Diego Zoo kids in their efforts to bring laughter and joy to Children who need it most in Children's hospitals. And Ronald McDonald houses around the world. He says he hopes his music puts a smile on their face and their time of healing and sews their parents sold..

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