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And their new location across from famous days on south minnesota avenue sue fall a quiet and cool start to the day a little bit of patchy fog and a couple of spots as well are high this afternoon near eighty two northeast wins by two teams close eclair tonight low fifty eight tomorrow partly cloudy and 82 and sunshine saturday high eighty one degrees that's your weather update eight from the stormcenter a catalan tv i'm meteorologist brian carr stays if it matters to you you'll hear it on kelo all day every day kelo newstalk 1320 1079 this is i lied from westwood one news i'm evan haning gets thirty two past get ready to call end this thursday july 27 all right president trump has tweeted that there will be no transgender troops in the armed forces a thing is there are already thousands so today we want your opinion on map argue worse for transgender troops are coming from members of both parties republican senators john mccain we want some kirsten jila brand opposition to transgender troops is coming from many other quarters so what do you think the president says it costs too much money to have them proponents say it does not with a word if transgender a prospect sign up to have their operations in the military right call eight hundred seven three six three six six six i will check that the war cast and good morning gene good morning as we look at cross the country we got a shower or thunderstorm activity in the northeast weekend heat building in texas and he moved into the pacific northwest you can track your accu weather radar to accu weather dot.

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