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In a lifetime warranty working get their to the link on our website southgate media group hey what about that in the fucking movie was not any i i know who they are now i pick it up public reports then see it somewhere else up entertainment weekly this week put out there a special watch twentyfifth anniversary of the first a premier angel issue this week yeah yeah they did that like i said i don't know how i feel about it why now they look like i like i love angel don't get me wrong late into late data cultural touchstone at buffy was like no shape to the cast and crew or what average might have been a slow news week on entertainment that tall series angel but i'm just saying i don't think you had a dig at the cultural impact and becky that i don't know anybody that is teaching questions about angel there are literally college courses about bucky infinite i think i think i like i love angel lately like on the same token like fucking like don't try this morning from arkansas spin off i mean exceptions like a few characters like john brennan i mean most these churches did come from puffy anyway true true looking at you like or get all caught on you have worn heart yeah yeah no no the night you know like i felt like older loan go down entertainment news lee so they're like why not hey i saw cut they they're playing the clips of like some interviewer something hey they could all come on here and talk i loved that mhm but on anything that we may not winning any or nobody awesome since this is i mean mostly i mean we do when you too but also it's been a silicon audience thing did much of the cast one here's recordings have i'm like library the script there's something how without an addiction theaters you got the perfect thing holding on every damn near came here for you said you're boy with good we will not be in fiction okay so the name of it up so late now in my head it makes me think of the movie old boy like if anybody had seen that movie like math american remake the original one yeah how much does sound like a like a one of his dog movies like oh boy oh but it is not in africa movie good early anyway way but yeah i'm just like oh like this sometimes it's not good looking back i think in retrospect 'cause you get like all these like tainted thing detach like like like the movie unplanned movie but after so yeah and this came at midnight losing to 'em it just lay after and i think this needed have like eight bumper now you have to episode where it's like we share mcconnell oh man i mean what clamor for more kate on angel that's all i'm saying while the sabers it's like the the lack of like hey let's try makita saying how could you make hated thing when freaking darlene here end end were talking like no one.

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