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Thank you guys saying Good morning. Everyone steals home against the Browns Sunday at one. The word out of Cleveland is that Baker Mayfield's ribs They're feeling better. Cam Heyward and friends would love to change that on Sunday, but, hey, we're no saying it and doing it could be two different things. Baker doesn't really good job of, you know, buying that your time with this feat you know, sometimes drifting away from the pocket to create. Depth and more time for his receivers. He's on a job of it. You know, we were lost in the season. You know his capabilities somewhere to be on important with, But you know, I like the challenge and what we are for. Odell Beckham was sent home sick yesterday, so we'll be keeping our eyes on that. For the Steelers. Deante Johnson returned to practice but was limited marquees Pouncey practiced. David DeCastro did not leave. Ian Bell is going to sign with the Chiefs. He won't play Monday night but will be activated after that. It's at Miami tomorrow afternoon on the fan Narduzzi have quarterback Kenny Picket. Kenny's worked his tail off case. Katie's tougher me song finished the game. So you know is 100% healthy? No, but, uh You know, after goods where he is right now we'll see how he is tomorrow At noon MLB playoffs Carlos Correa homered in the bottom of the ninth, this Houston one again for three over Tampa Bay. So that sends the Siri's to a six game later today. Atlanta now leads three games to one after attending to win over the Dodgers, Marcel Ozuna hit two home runs. From the Pittsburgh Senior benefits Advisor Sports Desk. I'm Jim Colony. NewsRadio, 10 20, Katy K. Sports Online on video and on your radio. It's the Katy K Radio morning show it Larry, Richard and Kevin Battle. Wearing a mask is no fun, but it's another.

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