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We walk into the back to the second. Half of the program is live and we are always delighted to welcome. Our next guest is bob. Dole's be the Very respected and influential commissioner of the big twelve. We've spoken often throughout the last couple of years especially during the covert year and commissioner. Thanks so much man. This is so different talking about things that are a little more than they were a year ago. Good afternoon how are you good afternoon. I'm well paul. And i hope you are too. And what a difference a year makes. It is truly amazing. And speaking of that you know there are there are so many uncertainties and in intercollegiate athletics. And i think what we would like to start with the cfp. These meetings are coming up here soon. You're you're sitting at a major table in all this and and i know that it's a big question with a lot of different tributaries but what can you tell us about what is about to happen. And and your thoughts. Well it's it's been a more than a two year process and and it really began as a as a Look in After six years of twelve year For the college football playoff. And so you know we. We did whether or not We liked the composition and and a function of the the selection committee and I i think we came to the conclusion that it was clearly superior to the blended computer.

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