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Son of franco. He's having a great season as asya. I won't be given up on michelle for grade. F agreed breaks. It's our that's my. Us us influence grew. Grace's moving forward. I think he's already muscles in salt. That doesn't Terrible terrible in east to get ling guy. Too many references that definitely now the one that caught my eye was a wreath meek intense. At sandown i thought the renna very are catching writer stuart williams and previously being absolutely town under thirty six beyond iribe at yoke but some connections fifty daybreak and obviously found. Something that's wrong because he was not better sandown and he went through the rice quite well looked like he was going to trump away and finished well beaten and then stayed on again pathway to really frighten the winning neither line but in the end macram held him quite comfortably. Now all of these phone rhythmic. It's and is over fervor in fact he's one month five and a half furlongs and it was only monitor quarter and him and he certainly ran lockheed be well it by return to further and i think he showed these back on a nice mark so he certainly one for my trek arrhythmic intent. That's how you will. Tom vouch this. He's been in my track. Since i think the first time he raced does he say he can throw in an absolute sickener of a run footsie. Minneapolis elite you. No reason but he blooming good horse when he puts it all together with making ten on the. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with but any who. You're right on that front. It was a really good run. Wasn't it now. We're going to get some tips for you now. The july festival starts on thursday. We've got to the foul mistakes. And of course the july cup. Plenty of interesting handicaps before. Then let's see what lots fancy had to racing post dot com. Click on subscribe and choose get ultimate monthly to get started. That's code post cast. Twenty-one welcome back now it's time to look forward and first off. Let's talk about some of the the group ones coming up this week. Jay review got your oil very much looking forward to seeing who can run. Always get some stick for pronounce this but i'm convinced who him and sounds about right. Bruce bruce hi. He thinks it's hooked. How come how come. It sounds nice hachem. Doesn't it who call come lock. Who who ca- lounge. I've ever been to one but one possible and i don't know who tim is running in. Well he's ends it in the The prince of hallways coda prince of bounces. It's princess of wells' stakes. Yeah not the prince of i was that in romanesque isn't a princess of wales and allies in the same race for hamdan-al-maktoum which is throwing a real so spanner into the works. 'cause jim crow as it stands is booked to ride our ozzie and dino new but to ride hokum and i'll tell you jim crowley doesn't gay wrong too often so if he thinks to allies he's better than hook him then our laws he must be a proposed but nevertheless i'm gonna stick with hook them simply because i think that writes escort was very strong. Rice won the tonight very impressive. When winning the hardwick accords in second was the aforementioned broom who wanna group one in france as we would just saying and who can was third and those free will well clear of the full funders and who can went further rice very very nicely travel beautifully struck for home and i thought we're going to take a good one so in from here and the only wonderful tonight. Just blow him away but broom ran him down the secondly on i just think the bumped into to proper group one who is that day wonderful tonight embracing in fact hardwick was a group one race in all but nine and i don't think that's He's going to be in anything of that quality here for all lousy is. He's well his knees. Got very very to- reputation is very disappointing author. They couldn't brush aside poile drive last timeout epsom. And i'm going to take a chance on hook him. Fating allies in that prince of princess of houses dykes on thursday at new market. Your five brilliant. We'll get there in the end as confusing. Isn't it very similar names on the same card. I'm quite interested in the bahrain. Traifi and the three at one fifty. So it's race like moundou. This has been the plan for him for an awfully long time and although he's taking on much better opposition for the first time i'd be interested to see how he gets on all sides for the shout while operation. Tc we've not touched on any juvenile races yet. We could see quite a few form lines. Class in the july stakes. Any thoughts on that one is a brief look across the races at this moment or company writes in my column for rice in outlook. I think sandrine when thursday I've just lived the weather forecast. Achy for name kit. I think today it's supposed to be clear an everyday leading up to the weekend. Spicer be down pulse. I currently could firm on july cosa name. Okay but don't expect not to hold And if the ground does gabbay testing than sandrino prove too strong for harare on thursday to the whole that one of the wholesome sunday machen to hosted at newbury I'm interested in Actually sundry mona fraud could be wrong. Check of cambridge Apologies wrong day. Also on friday in the foul mouth a quite like lady both will hope she runs in the rice. She's a five road and we're talking about this white for white age thing again. Which i mentioned earlier. I was too much. I'm gonna have to put up a five year old against the three year olds this time. Lady both Has to give the Atlantan premature nine pounds opportunity that we're going to run in the foul mouth and if they do then lady by go workout unite because three very good horses smell lonzo host the affiliate really like as well but she's having another quick style. The alaska dot knife. That will be good for a really liked lady though. I think she's a real nice horse this season. She's proved cape it. He's a great one level finished second palace pier in the lock in which was a stop. Foments one one nineteen Really good rum glossed. Alaska writes down. The middle of the track. Clearly didn't help. He needed to be stunned. Siding that cambridge in the angel produced a career-best coming against israel inside by fry towards the row lady. Both a one day thing. She's got good chance in the foul mouth then to newbury On thursday my not my next best in my column spoiler that if fans be again the rfid this week The net is going to be dubai. Sans i think he'll go off a notch price In the seven twenty. It's a month to frontal handicapped dubai signs lost. I'm out ran. The london go cup. Full monkey raven about love bay bridge. You one that writes michael stoute. He's a real good. Wholesome kawhi pins come out. Next time suffered a setback. So he missed roscoe dubai signs finish nine of ten Did produce good spin. Twenty four links came in off the odds quite disappointed. Came in off the varying said. They just didn't handle the ground. It was good to soft. He needs quickly conditions some. I'm hoping the rain stays away from newbury because if it does. He has a great chance of a mock of eighty six. I think he's very lenient. Very leniently treated without rating based on his victory rippin and one of the following novus rice. It's seven fifty howev life given a stinker of a ride on baby. I'm happy to use. It was a stink bomb on highly. You would have won. That writes with any kind of on being by betsy. Creating ally joined by david mooney. It was a good rice. I think a lot. Personalize the son of frank. Who gets clear on this time whom. I commend kind of final race. We're gonna talk about. Today is on super subsidy else. They dub it at the four twenty five the dalai eight july cup and some interesting horses entered here. Given that we're going to see. Of course roy hand in here supplemented by david evans of roy. Alaska winner against dragon symbol. He came very close in not high profile reversal. But oxted i think's leading the current market last year's winner on storm on another royal oscar. Absentee numbers well. Who do you have coming out on. Top giralda. haven't even mentioned the jersey when a creative force. It looks like it could be a strong renewal and exciting race. This one could be mad d. That's hope that the ground stays decent. And you know i. it could be a real krecko. Got some top class sprinter lining up propagate one hoses for.

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