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Fale? There's a lot of guys from New Zealand now and Austrailia in the DOJ because when you go there, everybody's Japanese a couple of white guy, and like where are you from Australia, and he's in Australia best, there's a lot more guys coming from yet. That's down that's down as as hardware continue trying to get those guys the opportunity, and you know, songs guys with themselves goes, he sees you put on the work. Then you know, there's opportunities there. And I think it's just a great example, those guys that are there now when finally opened his his dough Joe in New Zealand's go to training school there. I think a lot of people kinda thought of ECOMOG no actually going to get the new Japan through it yet this guys in the DOJ now. So it's pretty crazy for like for, you know, riffing big in America in England is it's not an easy. There's a is a really good like the best a chain to get to the Doges is over. I think Tony storms from New Zealand. Yeah. I think she lives is from their straight auto. No, well, but I think she might been born then she might have gone to. She I think. Yeah. I think she was think she might have been born in the UK, but moved to new sandwiches, really young or might have been the other way here in New Zealand wrestling. I was just gonna say there is there's a lot of people that you know, such a small country, and where it's all about rugby Give rugby. rugby that. I didn't care. There's quite a lot of people who are getting out there getting up a chain of these. You know, we go go NADA hair as well. You know? Yeah. Yes. He's from New Zealand as well. Yeah. Yes. So so he's in me following in. You got Chavez bang cyber with he's with me now as well. So and then guys in the UK said that. The Bushwacker were from New Zealand to she purrs old school, boys. But I remember when I was in Germany, there's got called rip Morgan who was from New Zealand do the haka. Oh, you even as that's part of the culture any lake any risk. The from these like there was like all can the hukou. So like when we used to I used to work for Brian Dickson over and over in the UK. And you got your facts you need to wave you flags waving. Yes. It was. Yes. So but they had me at the is the Great Britain flag. Even though I like head like, museums and stuff on my gear. And then he had me come out one day with like who got the New Zealand national like the national flag, and it is one for the Mody people that they have in. It's I don't know how he found that because it's not that's you know, that's not actually L national flag like officially, but he somehow got this this flag and. And he's like, yeah. Yeah. You can come your Maui j white and I'm gonna modo like. Like, a native exactly like the native American or African American. Simone guy. A good way to compare the night of people in New Zealand than you know, usually DACA skin dining, I'm I'm just married. Yeah. And like just with his accent is well like it was like show, whatever you need. Wave this flag for twenty good noise. But yes as a fun time doing that in England. But so explain what the Hawkeye is. Right. Yeah. So it's like a like a war dance know, it's a cultural thing that's done usually. Yes. So it's a motive aunts. And then obviously, it's like a Polynesian thing as well. So, you know, the Pacific on like some tongue you will have their own one. And is a lot of different ones. Those are all so New Zealand, although the schools will have their own one as well. So night before games it'll be done before any kind of sports games. Usually, right. Be oversea with that being the main one. So that's when it's done. So yes. So anytime erasing. They're like that's kind of easy to go to because. That's you know, Aaron does not a he does as well. Because it's a very much. He him being a Modibo. So come natural thing from to go to. Yeah. If you're from New Zealand that if you eat bacon. Exactly. Yeah. Hispania throw salt or whatever exit..

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