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Talk to our I'm bill handled in at seven o'clock so for a little over half hour for now we're live on KFI am six forty more now with geographic five hundred twenty five people who lived in nursing homes have died from cold in nineteen bringing the death toll in LA county to one thousand one hundred eleven although older people are more likely to pass away this virus really can cause devastating illness among people of all ages county health director Dr Barbara Ferrer says ninety two percent of all people who passed away from the virus had underlying conditions where says so far one hundred forty six thousand people have been tested with twenty three thousand one hundred eighty two testing positive this report brought to you by cutting dental group the port of LA has reported an increase in container ship traffic in April compared with the previous month but port executive director Jean Soroka says this April is still far behind the record April of last year he says the board is in constant discussion with manufacturing retail and agricultural interests both importers and exporters to stay updated on their recovery plans and ensure that our supply chain is positioned to help them in the coming months Sroka says there were seventeen percent fewer labor ships at the port compared with the past three years there's also been a significant increase in canceled sailings to the ports of LA and Long Beach a lack of space is not stopping drive in theaters from coming back a small resurgence of the drive in movie experience was already taking place before the call the nineteen pandemic social distancing guidelines have made the dried in a popular idea that the amount of real estate needed to make it happen is an obvious problem many restaurants are using their parking lots and inflatable screens to get customers back and buying their food officials in Lithuania had designated part of the airport in guilty as to allow about a hundred sixty vehicles on the tarmac to watch movies on a giant screen people in their cars are told to stay in their cars at all times and to drive outside of the airport if a toilet break was needed Michael crozier KFI news for a map of all current cases in southern California you can check out our website at camp I A. M. six forty dot com keyword corona virus from the southern California Toyota dealers traffic center we make it easy let's get an update on that crash in Anaheim hills on the ninety one it's eastbound jet reddit gypsum canyon just past the two forty one that is where the two right lanes are blocked off and they're going to be there for at least a half hour on but traffic is pretty jam getting away from imperial highway that's a look at that works out in Ontario it's on the sixty eastbound vineyard to haven that's for Caltrans has the two right lanes off limits in traffic is pretty loaded away from Grove Avenue also we're looking at some slow traffic as you make your way along the one oh one this is heading south bound things are shaping up nicely getting away from echo park as you travel into downtown L. A. K. F. I. in the sky helps get you there faster I.

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