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It's an outlier. I mean, their wives Nick them Sealy and Nettie from the color purple the emotionally inseparable sisters have you seen? I have because I had to research. The story that I wrote about this. But I take you back to the summer of twenty fourteen bulb the brawn James Dwayne Wade are talking about what's going to happen next season. They're both up. Dwayne Wade says I'm going to sacrifice eleven million dollars to make the Miami Heat salary cap situation. More palatable we could afford LeBron James they go on this private plane from Las Vegas to Miami. We see them on the tarmac hugging. Lebron James, leaps he leaves. And so when I asked Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle union his wife about this. What's staggering that they are genuinely unbothered LeBron cost eleven million dollars, and he left and the friendship survived to the point where after this miss three. They're going to embrace in hog in front of all of America. Can you imagine to other people in any industry doing what is different about? This to me is this is the only relationship that I can really think about in sports that is based on friendship, then the defining thing like their relationship has helped to. Find the last ten years of basketball, their relationship changed the order of what the would because what LeBron they're generally we think of two players as good as these guys work in currently as being rivals. But there was no point in their careers that ever overlap in such a way that actually created robbery. Look there was facing time for that to be the case teams just weren't good at the same time. But also we as media LeBron was the guy with all the flash coming out of that drought. Dwayne Wade won the championship. I won finals MVP, and we still never put those guys side by side. It's fascinating. How it all went? Yeah. And now we have guys like Jaanus who are of the Koby Mamba mentality. Talk about how they don't wanna work out with anybody. But that is that is in defiance of the culture that you just talked about the culture that they shave because friendship across enemy lines is still too many people subversive see the thing with Janas to me is he did not come up in this AAU culture that we have here. Like one thing. That's different is these guys have known. Each other overall, not these two specific ones, but they note he's ten eleven twelve years old. They're building friendships all the way along the way, it is not necessarily going chain wasn't flips up when we get there. Like, I don't even know if guys more savage or were more savage as much as Janas did not grow up with these dudes in the same way, probably going to have to these guys make themselves better by working out in this way. We got I can't work out with you who the hell are you? Go work out with go make you better. Right. And meanwhile, we have these guys talking after the game about something that made people like me incredibly incredibly angry, please roll that tape..

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