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Napa county fire chief berry bearman says residents will continue to see flame smoke because you get back to your homes they you start recovering and you see smoke gets around there on if you have something that's close to your home as a threat to your home call nine one one but be advised the stuff that's up on the hillside that's in the middle of the burn that's no threat to going outside is going to continue until these rains come when you have this significant of the fire weeks after hurricane maria tore apart puerto rico residents are facing severe shortages of drinking water correspondent at luv dare reports the environmental protection agency is analysing tainted water supplies on the island took most of the week to get the results back in if believe that in these in this water are that there could be higher levels of toxic materials from industrial waste that is in those waters that could be caused serious health problems for people you period officials say it would require longterm exposure to that water at least seven people are hospitalized after an explosion on an oil rig near new orleans one person is missing this year's flu season could be a rock one versity medical center ceo dr victor police says this could be a virulent strain of flu what we're seeing in the southern hemisphere right now particular in australia is that they had a very very very severe flu season bush really tough about two and a half times more infections than the same period last year so we are basically anticipate we're going to have a very bad flu season but he says the hospital has stockpiles vaccines for the new h three n two stream and urges everyone especially those at least sixty years old to take the.

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