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In the past week since we record a show it began with Brad Stevens. Making the full trade of his time as president of basketball operations, Kemba Walker, sorry, love you mean it, but gone off to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Who, of course, probably will flip him somewhere else for more draft picks off. Al Horford back with Boston and plenty to get to their, obviously, the C's no longer have a first round pick in this draft number, 16 gone with Walker, a trade of second-round picks. And with hwoarang, Moses Brown coming on in, as well, hoping to parts of Defenders and continue to pile up games like he did against the Seas. When he went for twenty twenty earlier this season with Evan Valenti. I'm Adam Kaufman. The big news web that we will begin with and then we can Circle back to Walker and Horford and that swap new head coach. It's all done. It's not been officially announced as we sit here right now, but it is all done. We know what's going to happen. The 18th head coach in, Boston, Celtics, history in the man who is chasing Banner 18? Someone that you were very, very highly on all over social media and it shows past email, udoka comes in after nine years. As an assistant in the NBA, seven learning under future hall-of-famer Gregg, Popovich and of course after that, one year with the Sixers, most recently, one year with the Nets and that super team that I so passionately routed wage. Throughout this playoff run, they are all done as we go to the east and west finals. Now at this stage of June almost July, but the new head coach there are a lot of things to like here. I'll let you start what stands out well Boston's. Probably get back to the defense jobs. As that was one of the my biggest one of the biggest gripes. So exterior was how bad they were defensively. Just was a complete opposite of what they've been in the entire you know, Junior. Brad Stevens, notoriously, good defensive team. Regardless of whoever was tried it out there, they were an overachieving Bunch defensively. A lot of the time with smaller point guards all over the place would be camber. Isaiah Thomas, you know. Kyrie Irving. They've always been able to manage defensively in this year. Was a bad one defensively so they are going to get back to the defense of fruits doesn't shock me that Brad was looking for that cake guys. So at that particular point I'm just thrilled about a defensive coach then come in and maybe and tweak this team a little bit now we will see if the tweaks work you know, you look at a couple of things off. On the internet, you know, things were the bottom and a couple of defensive fix that he made, you know, to, to Philadelphia resulted in more turnovers, but it didn't really result in better defensive numbers so to speak. So we'll see if the personalities of Austin is a little bit better. A little bit different than it had in Philadelphia. I like that. Just to start. I like the fact that mister Gregg Popovich cloned or at clone believe, you know, disciple worked into that will see. If you know, took a look, you make the, the NFL comparison. Like Belichick coaching tree or the Andy Reid coaching tree or the Bill Parcells coaching tree, you know, Popovich's coaching trees had some success, had some not successful depends on, you know, where your at, your breath Brown, being some sort of maddening in between, right? So we'll see if email holds up on that end and I like, the fact, this guy's worked with a lot of different players. Often is a foreign player himself so you look at all the things that Boston was.

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