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Rich pollino a new multi. Year deal we'll see peacock get movies from universal dreamworks elimination and focus films. No later than four months after their theatrical premiere streaming the films exclusively for the first four months as well as the last four months of the traditional eighteen month pay one window with the film's heading to other services for ten months in between the deal starts in two thousand twenty two and we'll also see universal produce exclusive releases for peacock bloomberg sources say president biden direct the us federal trade commission to draft rules to stop manufacturers from limiting consumer's ability to repair products in an upcoming executive order the ftc will ultimately be able to determine the size and scope of these roles but the presence directive is expected to nate mobile phones farm equipment and department of defense contractors as possibilities for regulation. The us department of defense has dropped. Its plans for the joint. Enterprise defense infrastructure or jed icloud contract after amazon complain of interference from the president in the decision to award it to microsoft a statement said that because of delays jet cloud contract no longer meets the requirements to fill the dod's capability gaps with a new joint warfighter cloud capability contract announced that will be sourced from multiple vendors bloomberg sources say the china securities regulatory commission is leading efforts to require chinese owned firms to get government approval before going public in hong kong or the us. Currently many chinese companies use a variable interest entity model which transfers prophets to an offshore entity with shares that foreign investors can then own mozilla published research on youtube using crowdsource data from its regrets reporter browser extension which lets users self report on videos. That regret watching mozelle found between july twenty twenty and may twenty twenty one. Seventy one percent of regret reports reviews recommended by youtube with recommended videos. Forty percent more likely to be reported than when surfaced in search intel announced that twenty. Eight year veteran shawmut wise return to the company to head its consumer chip development and design. Wise led the teams that develop these sandy bridge skylight processors and for the last four years served as mellon oxes and then invidious senior. Vp of silicon engineering for the networking chip design group. Tiktok began testing a feature called shouts where viewers can pay to request custom videos from creators. the features only testing in select markets and the app currently prevents users in some regions from even requesting shoutout amazon open source. It's lumber yard game. Engine which will now be known as the open. Three d engine. The lyrics foundation will oversee it as part of the new open. Three d foundation with twenty founding members including amazon web services adobe while way niane tech and red hat techcrunch reports that indian startups raised ten point. Forty six billion dollars in the first half of two thousand twenty one up one hundred sixty one percent on the year close to the total eleven point. Six billion dollars raised by indian startups in all twenty. Twenty india also produced a record sixteen private startups valued at over one billion dollars in twenty twenty one up from eleven and twenty twenty six twenty nineteen apple added new language support for apple pencil in ipad s. Fourteen now supporting copying handwritten text in french german italian portuguese and spanish with support for several national dialects copying handwriting features had previously only been available for english and chinese languages. Microsoft issued an emergency patch to fix a critical vulnerability dubbed print nightmare in the windows. Principal or service that could allow for remote code execution with system level access the patches available for windows server windows ten windows eight and windows seven in south korea. Microsoft requires xbox live users to be nineteen or older to comply with the law. That bans minors. From playing games. After midnight minecraft had previously allowed users to sign info yang accounts. That didn't have this age. Restriction however microsoft recently informed users in south korea that they would need to be migrated over to xbox live accounts with that existing age restriction. The company said it's working on a longer term solution for players under nineteen with more details to come later this year and finally the belgian artist driest pewter released a project called the flemish schoolers that uses facial recognition. ai on streams of flemish government meetings display. How much time representative spent looking at their phone. 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