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So in the actual game play, there shouldn't be too much. And if if they keep everything else outdoors for the most part or confined to their own teams, the rosters aren't massive. So you're not dealing like football is the one where the roster size is a huge issue. Yes, you're dealing with a lot of people. So if you're watching film inside or something, it's a lot of people and then you're traveling. I mean football is going to be, I think the hardest sport to contain the virus with Baseball. I No, You're going to see guys on the deal for it. We already are the whatever technical term in there on the Isle de whatever, but they're going to be on out of the lineup. So you're going to deal with it? The question is, you know it. Is it under a certain number where they feel it is manageable. You know, I don't know what that line is determined to be for the N B A because it's an indoor sport. The goal there is To keep it out of the bubble. But if it does get inside the bubble, too Understand where it came from. All right. This person tested who they were in contact with. Ah and Keep it from spreading inside the bowl. Because the nightmare scenario for the MBA is it's spreading inside the bubble as faras the point you made about all that other stuff like everybody's responsible for their own individual decisions. I think there will be with the guys down there in Orlando, a heightened sense of responsibility. Because you just naturally feel it doing what they're doing. So I I'm hopeful that between you know individual responsibility that heightened overall responsibility and teammates keeping each other in check. That that there won't be an issue with too much recklessness and same thing with baseball you got in. You gonna have to trust the teammates. I think I saw Aaron Judge say that he's not worried with the Yankees because all they do is play video games. And there may have been a time in the past. I can promise you there's like some old school sports talk show where Erin Erin judge said. All we do is play video games and somebody's really mad, But the Yankees aren't focused on the season. All I do is play video games. These kids nowadays bad back when Mana was playing They didn't have video games. And that's when the sport was great, You know, But nowadays people probably here that go. Are you good? Yeah, good. Not going out, not, you know, putting the season at risk because I'm sure lobby Yankees fans are hopeful for a world Siri's now that they know that the season is going to start again. Heck, I'm sure a lot of Mets fans are hopeful and talking themselves into this season because of The short nature of it, you know, because they do still have some arms into Graham and Strom and and because, you know, assess, but it's going to be back. I'm sure all that that is happening right now. 877337 66 66 877337 66 66 Let's go to Sal in. Shirley, You're up next. Here on the fan with Robin Lundberg. What's up, so Yeah. How you doing? I'm doing well, How are you? Good you were talking about. I guess you're LeBron guide, and I was just kind of thinking, you know, with everything going on. It's nice. Maybe just compare a little bit and I guess I need to tell you I'm a Jordan guy. I mean, the way I look at it, it's defense was played. Today, when Jordan played interpret, averaging better. 40 points a game and vice versa. Is LeBron had to go against the type of defense physical defense there, Jordan They'd be lucky to get a warning. That's kind of my opinion on 62 years old. I've seen it all, eh? Even something, Russell. You mentioned him. That gentleman basically won the championship every year. So I think you got to compare eras as well. It's just playing. Well, I think you do have the factor in errors. And first, let me say Ah, thinking that Michael Jordan is the greatest player ever is a perfectly reasonable position. I completely disagree with your assessment on the error is, though I think for one, you know you've seen an explosion in the three point shot nowadays, which makes it just so much tougher. The way that the game is played is different like it in the nineties. Take the Knicks, for example, you would watch the Knicks walked the ball up the court and dump it into Patrick Ewing on the block, and everybody would sort of watch that they check their man because you either had to send hard doubles or or play man to man defense. And they got to almost rests in a sense in that regard Now all can't do. I'll tell you the defence that was played in Jordan's time. There wouldn't be free of 33 point field goals. There'd be somebody upon the body every shot. And that's just not the case. Today, three points and who's got the better? I is gonna win, but they didn't want to guard is far away. And after guard is far out at that point again, like I'm saying, nowadays, you have to swallow. It wouldn't have to go out on every play. But you realize LeBron is bigger than Bill and beer. Right? Like LeBron Go down. Ron would LeBron he would knock those weapons over? I mean, he would not be right over a lot more. I guess. This is an unwinnable argument, right cause you're going to you're going to say that I think LeBron would absolutely dominate any era and would make those humiliate those guys. Basically. Oh, Jordan drives are good in it. I think you have been on his $1,000,000,000 key store a lot more. You. But you know how hard it is to put LeBron on his key, sir. That's the other thing..

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